Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bamboo Tiles + Collage Images

Today I want to continue with more fun things to do with the tiles from the bamboo placemats but I had quite a few people ask where to purchase them. The best place I have found to purchase them is from this e-bay seller. They have very prompt shipping for a reasonable price (these place mats are heavy so keep that in mind). Linen R Us I am not affiliated with them in any way other than being a satisfied shopper.

Now, on to the tiles...

Today I paired the bamboo tiles with collage images. This is a very easy technique which requires only a collage image, your favorite liquid glue or collage medium and a tile! That's it - well, a pair of scissors to cut the image out but that's all you need to get started!

All of the collage images I used today come from Southern Blackberry Design. They have some really great images available in 3 types of papers - tissue, clear Mylar (like stickers) and heavy cardstock. I am going to be featuring this site shortly so that's all I'm going to mention about them at this time ;)

1. To apply the collage images to the tiles all you need to do is spread a thin coating of either a collage medium of your choice (I like Collage Pauge - Duncan Enterprises) or a liquid adhesive or you could even use something like Glossy, Sepia, Crackle Accents. Any of them work very well.

2 . Immediately place the image on the wet adhesive and smooth out any air bubbles.

3. Coat with one or two layers of collage medium (or adhesive) to protect.

Now, it's fine to use as is or if you can cover the tile with an "Accent" for added dimension.

Here are several examples I made....

This is the same Mylar collage image on both a dark and light colored tile just to show the difference of how the tile color changes the image.

collage image bamboo tiles005

These tiles were all made using tissue paper collage images. These are really great because they are very thin. They conform to the surface of the tile wonderfully with very little effort.

collage image bamboo tiles007

Additional examples....

collage image bamboo tiles008

And this one was covered with Sepia Accents...

collage image bamboo tiles009

and this final tile was covered in Crackle Accents...

collage image bamboo tiles010

Now once you have the images glued to the tiles they can be used to make dangle charms, key chains, necklaces, bracelets, added to cards, scrapbook pages, altered albums, just about anything you can think of! They really are quite handy and other than dry time are really quick to make.


  1. OMG, I'm loving these collage images on the bamboo tiles... Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are so awesome... I now need to look for them...LOL


  3. These are fantastic! The ones with Ranger Sepia and Crackle accents are really stunning!

    I need to get out some tissue and napkins and PLAY!

  4. Wow, where did you find those amazing tissue paper images?? I love the way these all came out.

  5. Is it possible to use your own images and transfer those somehow?

  6. hey-- just wanted to let you know about the "score!" I made last night. Went into the Ross Dress for Less store after work looking for something else. While i was wantering around I found two of the bamboo placemats-- one dark and one light for ---are you ready???? $2.49 each!!!!! wooot! go me! LOL


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