Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bamboo Tile Bracelet

Thanks to everyone who posted or e-mailed...it's good to know that we're not alone out there when it comes to home issues!

Today as promised I have a fun project incorporating the tiles from the bamboo tile place mat. They closely resemble dominoes without the dots so both can be used almost interchangeably. Unlike dominoes the bamboo tiles have 2 holes running through the long ends making them especially good for making jewelry, charms or "dangly" things ;)

I decided to start by making a bracelet from them.


6 Bamboo Tiles


Rubber Stamps - The Enchanted Gallery

Archival Ink - Ranger Industries

Lumier acrylic paint - Jacquard

Paint Brush

Vintage Sheet Music

Collage Pauge (sparklie) - Duncan Enterprises

Stretch Cord


1. Sand one side of each tile.

bamboo tile bracelet001

2. Apply a dab of the Collage Pauge (or other collage medium) and affix the sheet music to the tile. I like to use my hands but if you don't want to get covered in glue then you could use a foam brush and/or latex gloves :)

bamboo tile bracelet002bamboo tile bracelet005

You will end up with tiles something like this....

bamboo tile bracelet006

3. Now, flip all the tiles, we're going to add the image....Stamp desired image using Archival Ink and let them dry.

bamboo tile bracelet008

4. The tiles are ready to be painted. I used Jacquard's Lumiere metallic paints but you can use whatever type of paints or inks you like to use.

bamboo tile bracelet010

5. String them all together with a few beads and the stretch cord and you have your bracelet!

bamboo tile bracelet013

I couldn't figure out how to wear the bracelet and take the photo at the same time...so here are the first 3 completed tiles....

bamboo tile bracelet012

and the other 3.

bamboo tile bracelet011

Way cool huh and so very easy!

Of course I've only touched the surface so I'll be bringing you more fun bamboo tile projects so stay tuned!


  1. You are one of my top ten faves!
    See - http://krismakes.wordpress.com/2009/03/04/blog-award-my-very-first/

  2. Cool project!! Those stamps are awesome on the tiles.

  3. awesome!!!! by the way, i got your package! thanks!!!! i am a happy girl.

  4. Love you tackle the bamboo tiles. Just bought a placemat of these tiles so I am in for a lot of ideas.

  5. That's gorgeous, Roni. Thanks for the tuorial. Really should get round to using mine :) x

  6. I think these are absolutely fabulous and so unique. i check your blog everyday to see whats new. great work...

  7. I think these are absolutely fabulous and so unique. i check your blog everyday to see whats new. great work...

  8. This bracelet looks fabulous! And it can be worn with either side showing - the faces or the music sheet.
    I sell mini bamboo tiles (black and dark brown colors only) that have the two holes going horizontally (side to side) which would make a smaller bracelet.

  9. I love the bracelet Roni. I am wondering if I can get those bamboo tile placemats here in Australia? What does the placement look like as a whole?
    Michelle M
    Bohemian Gypsy

  10. Oh Pretty! I like that it could be worn with either side showing. Thanks for sharing!

  11. psstt...You are on everyone's fav list! These tiles are gorgy! Now where do I find them? lol...You do such cute stuff..Did I miss where u tell us when the book is done? Cher

  12. Cool! I love the effect of Lumiere metallic paints on the bamboo tiles!

  13. Definitely way cool! Love the shape of the tiles. The music beads are especially cool. Great job!


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