Friday, August 1, 2008

Ranger's Distress Crackle Metallic Paints

I know...where was I yesterday?!?!? Well, when the garden calls you have to obey! We noticed that some critter had started eating our carrots so we ended up digging all of them up, cleaning, cutting, blanching (that's my new name least according to my "D"h!), bagging and freezing 'em all! On top of that a (or several) coons found our corn patch and basically destroyed 1/2 of it :( We harvested what was close to being finished just so it wasn't a total loss....that is still sitting in my fridge waiting to be taken care of. Also picked the green, wax (yellow kind) & pole beans, a hill of red potatoes (for fresh beans, new potatoes & smoked sausage bathed in butter!), an assortment of tomatoes and peppers! OH YEAH...I also have 2 fresh cantaloupes to cut open! I've never grown them before so I'm very excited to give them a try. Sooooo, no fun stuff yesterday ~ all work!

Anyway, on to Ranger's NEW Distress Crackle Metallic Paints! Of course I'm sure you already know I love this stuff!!! It is available in 3 vintage colors Antique Bronze, Brushed Pewter, and Tarnished Brass.

A few things I've learned from working with this paint.....

*Whatever surface you apply this to it MUST be roughed up a bit. This paint is similar to Crackle Accents as it needs to have something to bite onto. If it doesn't the paint will just sit on the surface ~ BUT that isn't all bad ;) I'll show you what I mean in a bit.

*DO NOT HEAT TO SPEED DRYING!!!! Whatever you do don't do it! TRUST ME - it will be a disaster!! The paint bubbles and peels and it's just a mess... If that's the look you're going for then by all means go for it. Unfortunately it wasn't the look I was going for at the time.

*This paint has a Looooonnnnnnggggggggg Dry Time - it is best to paint whatever project you're working on at least 24 hours ahead of time. It takes much longer to dry than normal crackle paints. It may start to crackle in 6 hours or so but to get the real effect you'll have to wait. It's well worth it though as you will see.

On to the examples....

Tarnished Brass (Gold) -

Green With Envy

Additional Supplies - Pine Needle Distress Ink; Curious By Design Collage Image; Tim Holtz "Secrets" Pin; Green Wire; Leaf Gemstones; Computer Generated Words

crackle metallics013

Brushed Pewter (Silver) -

Altered "V"

Additional Supplies - Faded Jeans Distress Ink; Rub-Ons - Creative Imagainations; Glossy Accents; Glass Glitter; Ribbon

crackle metallics006
Wisdom Card
Additional Supplies - MME Die-Cut Tree; JoAnn Crafts Letter Tiles; Karen Foster Biggie Brads (pounded w/Distress Hammer); Alcohol Ink; Faded Jeans Distress Ink; Bazzill Cardstock.
crackle metallics007
close up of the crackling....
crackle metallics007
and my personal favorite....
Antique Bronze (copper)
Family Means....
Additional Supplies: Image/words - Paperbag Studios; Distress Inks; Mini Brads - MM
crackle metallics010
Additional Supplies: Hannah Grey Collage Image; Wire; Distress Ink; Pine Needle Distress Crackle Paint; Fleur De Lis Nailhead; Vintage Pen Nib
crackle metallics004
Now, I mentioned that it's even cool when it doesn't is what I mean by that....
This is a plastic box that I applied the Antique Bronze Distress Crackle Metallic Paint. I hadn't sanded the lid prior to painting because at the time I didn't even think about the paint needing a tooth to grab a hold of. When I was applying the paint I made several short strokes over the entire top. As you can see it dried that way!!!
Metallic Crackle Paint005
Here is another project I made using the paints. It was a glossy coated cardstock...again, no tooth for the paint to grab onto but still a cool outcome. I applied the paint in cross-hatch strokes. When it dried it gave the look of brushed or galvanized metal! Again, no crackles but still way cool.
Metallic Crackle Paint003
Metallic Crackle Paint004
So there you have it...Distress Crackle Metallic Paints!
Another fun and innovative Ranger Product!


  1. Whoa Roni! I am NUTS about this metallic crackle paint. Seriously, I got so excited when I saw how gorgeous these pieces are. The Green With Envy is absolutely tops, as are all the rest. And I love the way the pewter came out on the dreidel...even without the crackle. I loved that metallic finish. I may actually have to hunt some of this stuff down!

  2. ou have certainly shown the paints off at their best - the results you have achieved look just great. Counting down the days until I can get my hands on this wonderpaint!

  3. Wow - I wasn't a huge fan of this before, but I sure am now. I love, love, LOVE the metallic effects.

    LOL - leave it to Roni... even when something doesn't turn out, it still looks f a b u l o u s !!

  4. Told you these things were awesome!! Even if you don't like the regular Distress Crackle Paint colors these things are a must have :)

  5. Wow Roni! Great work and I'm so going to buy me some of that metallic crackle paint! love the copper one best!


  6. this is another great find! love this too!!!!!

  7. OMG!!! The metals are awesome!!


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