Friday, April 6, 2018

Take It Challenge Rollagraph #1

Happy Friday! 
It's been quite a week here...
hope yours has been great!  

Today I wanted to share a fun new challenge that I thought I'd bring back. Quite a few years ago I held a challenge where I sent out the same materials to several people and they created a card or other project with the materials and shared the image with me.  I then shared all of the projects on one post showing what everyone came up with.  

Well recently I was able to purchase NOS Rollagraph stamps and there were a few wheels that had several duplicates. I am going to sell some of the dups on my Etsy store but I thought I'd share  some with you as well!

NOTE: I have the 7 participants for this round of Take It Challenge! Thanks to all who volunteered, if you haven't already send me your snail mail addy please do so and I'll get your stamps out to you.  If you didn't get in this round, no worries...I will have another soon!

So here's what I'm going to do...I'm going to send out the Flagstone Rollagraph stamp out to 7 people. Once rec'd you will create a project incorporating the stamp into your design, send me a photo of the finished design within 2 weeks then I will post all of your creations along with one of my own all together to reveal the results.  

So who's up for a challenge?  You'll have approx. 2.5 weeks to complete your project (I'll give you the exact date once the stamps have been sent.).  You don't have to pay anything, I'm going to cover the cost of the rubber stamp and postage myself. I'll take the first 7 people who are interested.  Please either post here or e-mail me at ronijj @ gmail . com (no spaces of course).  I will need your snail mail addy as well so I can send out your stamp to you.

If all goes well we will have another Take It Challenge in May and possibly beyond :)

Take It Challenge - Rollagraph #1 Participants:

1. Ionabunny

2. SusanK

3. Erin

4. Tonya

5. Cindy 

6. Theresa

7. SusanP

As you will notice in the photo above the stamp has been removed from the wheel.  If you prefer to have your stamp sent on the wheel, plmk.  IMO it's cheaper to send and easier to store off the wheel.  In fact, I have removed all of my rollagraph stamps from the wheels and store them in a single box...

This is one 8.5 x 11 x 2" box! It has approx. 75 stamps so far and can hold loads more.  
FAR less room than trying to store all of the stamp wheels. 

And here is how I keep track of what I have...they are arranged by theme.  I mark the stamp name and number on the back of the rubber and they are stored in sequential order so I can look for my design in the book and locate it quickly and easily in the box.  If I have a wheel that doesn't have a number on it I assign one randomly.


  1. Oooh, Roni....... I have a few of these and did try and source some more but they are few and far between here. Would love to play along with you. If you are willing to send to me do please take it off the wheel.. Have no idea at the moment what I would make but I am sure something will occur to me. Any make as long as it includes this stamp??? Let me know. Hugz

    1. Awesome! Yes, you can make anything you like as long as it includes the stamp somewhere in the project. It can be a card, atc, journal page, etc.

  2. I'll participate. I will be out of town the last week of April so time might be kind of tight but I already have several ideas brewing. You can contact me at susan-k at outlook dot com and I will give you my contact info. Thanks!

    1. Super, thanks for joining in the fun Susan! I will e-mail you later today.

  3. Roni~ Do you stick the rubber back onto a wheel or onto a mount? I want to try your challenge but my digital camera is not working. If I send you a card I make with the Flagstone Rollagraph stamp would you mind photographing it for me? I will make the card and mail it within two days of getting it. This sounds fun...& I love how little space your stamps take up off the wheel! You are always thinking outside the box...or the wheel in this case!

    1. Nope, I use a long acrylic block that has a piece of Tack N' Peel on it. Tack N' Peel is a sticky clear material that you apply to an acrylic block, it has a piece of acetate that you cover the stick part - remove the cover and stick your stamp to it. You can then stamp the image, remove the rubber and replace the cover. It's so handy and you use it over and over.

      Sure, that sounds fine...I don't mind taking a photo at all. Thanks Erin!

    2. Hmmmmm, I like the acrylic block idea. And they would definitely take up less space...... Hugz

  4. I would like to do this also. I sent you an email too. I like your storage idea. Years ago I took all of my SU rolling (not sure of correct name) off their rollers. Easier to use on a longer acrylic block. thanks

  5. I'm always up for a challenge. Sign me up please. I took my rollers apart too. Took up too much space and I use them more as stamped partial backgrounds. thanks as always for sharing.

  6. Don't know how I missed this but I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I still remember creating a layout with products that you sent out to several other people, years and years ago! It was really fun and challenging...and I still have my completed layout.

  7. Hi, I have a question, Roni (I'm new here). So, I have lots, and lots, and LOTS of Rollagraphs, and yep, the wheels sure do take up a lot of space. How is it exactly that you remove the stamp from them? They seem like they're stuck on there pretty well. And then, once they're off, how do you stick them back on securely to use them? It seems like this might be a job for Velcro, but it clearly you've got a system worked out already!

    Thanks so much in advance. And thanks for such a great blog! I'm loving everything I'm seeing so far.

    1. Hi Sam - I looked for the seam where the stamps meet, I then took my Exacto knife and cut along that slit to break loose the glue they used at that point. Once the glue was broke loose I picked at one corner of the rubber and began to peel it off the wheel. If you're lucky, the tape they used to adhere the stamp to the wheel will stay on the wheel...if not, start at one end and "roll" the adhesive tape off the stamp. It came off very easily.

      Once they are off I use an acrylic block which has a piece of "Tack n Peel" on it. Tack n Peel is a super sticky clear piece of material that you stick to an acrylic block - it has a piece of backing paper so you know which side is glue and which side is just clingy/sticky. Once you have the Tack n Peel on your block you simply place the rubber stamp onto the Tack n Peel. Use the stamp as you normally would and when you're finished you simply remove the stamp from the block. If the Tack n Peel gets dirty and things don't stick anymore you can clean it off with soap and water and let it dry. Once dry it will be wickedly sticky again! I've had some of my Tack n Peel blocks for many years and they are still going strong.

      Good Luck and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!


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