Thursday, January 18, 2018

VersaFine Clair!!! It's Here!!

If you like VersaFine you're going to LOVE VersaFine Clair!!  This ink is incredible - superb coverage just like VersaFine but it's a quick drying emboss-able pigment ink...  Yes, you read that right, the embossing powders will stick to the ink even after it's dry to the touch!!  This makes embossing those multi step stamps a breeze!  Want to emboss an entire background?  Stamp away then need to stamp, emboss, stamp again and emboss more.  It is such an amazing product, it's going to blow your mind.

Cheerful 901, Paradise 602, Charming Pink 801, Warm Breeze 603, Purple Delight 101, Summertime 701, Tulip Red 702, Fantasia 102, Green Oasis 501, Glamorous 201, Verdant 502, Blue Belle 601, Golden Meadow 951, Rain Forest 551, Chianti 151, Fallen Leaves 451, Monarch 152, Shady Lane 552, Pinecone 452, Nocturne 351, Medieval Blue 651, Acorn 453, Twilight 652, Morning Mist 352 

It comes in 24 colors at the moment and are they ever beautiful. So far I think Medieval Blue is my favorite but of course you know how much I love blue ;)  I will have a card to share with you tomorrow showing just how much fun it is.  I can't wait to share more about this ink with you!

This is just a sampling of the beautiful colors - stamped above on plain white cardstock, below on a page from a book.  Notice how most of the inks have a lovely translucent quality to them. I just love this feature, it will bring such an amazing depth to the multi step stamps!

The colors are as follows: Charming Pink, Tulip Red, Summertime, Verdant, Shady Lane, Green Oasis, Warm Breeze, Paradise, Blue Belle, Medieval Blue, Chianti, Acorn, Pinecone and Nocturne.

Don't you just love 'em?
Here's a link in case you'd like to check it out further and get your own...


  1. These inks look amazing and lovely. Thank you Roni for exploring these and sharing your findings. I would be so out of touch otherwise since I continue to downsize and not shop. <3


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