Friday, April 21, 2017

Prima Watercolors...I feel better now.

You have no clue how much this has been bothering me.  Yes, a little CDO going on here.  Have you ever seen Prima Watercolors (Confections)?   They are cute little sets of watercolors in nifty black carrying tins.

Watercolor Confections: The Classics

Well, I have several sets and let me tell you it's been driving me crazy because the colors were scattered here and there and everywhere soooo  I went ahead and rearranged them all!  Now all of the red, orange & yellows are in a tin, blue, green and purples are together, shimmery stuff in one and browns/black in in the last tin. 

I hope they bring out more...I really like these. 

I feel so much better now - LOL!!


  1. Ooooh - they look super cool :-) xx

  2. Wish they werent' so expensive to import to Germany. I've recently gotten into watercolors, and Instagram keeps shoving the Prima boxes into my face and tempting me.

  3. Yummy! I have not tried these. I would probably organize them also. Very pretty colors you have there !!

  4. Oh yes I do have an idea how you feel. Did the very same thing with the water color pencils that SU had years ago. Have to have things in color order!! We should all come out of the closet on that one.


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