Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 Texture Calendar - October

Today's technique is so cool and it only takes a very few supplies...glue, black acrylic paint and metallic inks!

This is a fun way to add texture to any does take a bit of time though because you have to let the glue dry naturally to keep the image/design intact.

Choose your favorite liquid glue(s).

Draw and fill in the design of your choice. 
I went with a spooky tree.

Let it dry completely.  Mine took about 30 hours.

Paint over the panel with a layer of black acrylic paint.

After the paint is dry, rub metallic ink over the entire panel.
Buff with a dry cloth.

Your design will really pop.  Of course I went with something very seasonal but think of the possibilities! This texture technique could be used for anything. 

Imagine - On Point Glue, Delicata Inks - Book Binding Glue
DecoArts - Americana Black Paint

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