Friday, February 24, 2017

Hen to Lily

I know...look at the title and What the Heck????

Have you ever looked at a stamp and thought - OMG - that looks like a ______!  Well I had one of those moments earlier this month when I was stamping a card using one of the hen stamps from Club Scrap's Succulent kit.  

I was working on a card and I messed up the image because I had inky fingers...(turned out I saved it by just cutting it out instead of using as is).  But as I was looking at it I realized it looked just like a water lily - at least it did to me anyway.  Well, I pulled out a few supplies and started playing and check it out....

I played around with my gelatos & watercolor crayons.
The crayons worked much better.

With a few defining watercolor strokes

the lilies came to life!
I added a bit of water and.....

What do you think?
Waterlilies right?


Club Scrap - Cardstock, Stamps
Lyra - Watercolor Crayons
Watercolor Brush


  1. It is so pretty! I love the look of the watercolor crayon!

    You know, I think that is the neat thing about succulents is that they do resemble other harder to grow plants.

  2. Hi Roni! I agree - that stamp definitely could be used as a water lily. You did a fabulous job with the card. Love it! Have a great day.

  3. Absolutely a water lily! Breathtaking water lilies in fact.

  4. Very pretty and love all the versions you created!

  5. Wonderful- yes, waterlilly! Great job!


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