Friday, February 3, 2017

Granny Square Valentine's Day Card

Key, Heart & Sentiment -JFF Stamps
Hand-Carved Granny Square - Hoffee and a Nuffin

I am so excited to share the Valentine's Day card I made for my Grandma this year...  A few weeks ago I told you about some hand-carved rubber stamps I bought on Etsy. Well, this is one of the cards I made using the granny square stamp! Don't you just love it!  I am thrilled with how the card came out and I can't wait to give it to my grandma.  She's in a nursing home now and I hope this will brighten her day.

If you would like complete instructions and a list of supplies please see:


  1. That is super cool! Now I want to learn to crochet. Your grandma will really like it, I am sure!

  2. OMGosh, this card rocks. Love everything about it, especially your colourful background.

  3. What a fabulous stamp. So many fun uses. Great card.


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