Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cards Cards and More Cards

Just havin' fun working on some cards using Club Scrap Kit - Succulents.

Normally I'm not a pastel person but I love the soft colors of this kit.  I am also totally in love with Succulents now...  I've even been on the lookout for a few real ones to brighten up our home.  I don't currently have any plants because in the past we've always had cats that like to eat anything green and alive in our house.  It was a habit I guess that we can change since we don't have anymore felines sharing our space.

Anyway, here are my creations...

This card was made for a fancy fold challenge...

Lovin' that huge Hen print...
After I was finished I realized the ink didn't quite match..
oh well, it was the last thing I added and wasn't going to redo at that point.

The following cards were made using Club Scrap's Card Making Idea Deck.
It was for a challenge as well...they pull a card from the deck (of 52)
(this card was Queen of Diamonds) and you make your cards using 
the diagram.  It was the first time I played and it was fun!

This particular card made 2 "Z" fold cards

And 2 regular cards.

I have been on a gemstone kick lately if you couldn't tell - LOL!!

Hope you're having a great weekend!!


  1. Wow, Roni, I can see you had fun making all these cards!
    What a great bunch.Love your fancy fold card.

  2. Great collection of cards Roni! My best friends daughter got me hooked on succulents. They are some of the few plants I can keep alive! Great take on the sketches and the gemstones look FABU!

  3. You've been busy! Awesome cards, Roni. Keep up the great work!

  4. Love these cards, Roni! You're mastering those fun and funky folds!

  5. What a lovely collection of cards, Roni. Yes, I love this collection.too. The papers are so realistic. Thanks for this inspiration.

  6. Love the "fancy fold" and the paper is so realistic - I feel like I can smell the flowers! Thanks for sharing!


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