Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Texture Calendar - July

Welcome back to another installment of the Texture Calendar!  We are up to July and being from the US I thought it only appropriate to celebrate the RW&B - I was looking around my studio looking for nice RWB items and spotted my stripe twine. PERFECT!

Embedding twine, ribbon, fibers, yarns, lace, etc. are perfect for creating texture on a project! Depending on the size and amount of materials you add you can create a lot or a little texture perfect for whatever you are working on.

Since this calendar page is July, I am using red/white; blue/white and white twine.
I cut it to approx. 12-18" (I only had a short piece of the white).

I started off by spreading around a dollop of Sparklie Collage Pauge over the calendar page.

The white twine was then randomly placed on the page.
I used the paint brush to push the twine down into the glue.

And this step was repeated for the blue 

And red twine.

I had some tiny gold and silver sequin stars in my stash so I sprinkled a few of these over the page as well.  The final step was to let the glue dry....mine took about 14 hours to dry.  It will just depend on how much glue you use and the weather conditions.


Add the calendar and you're all set!

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