Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October CS Card Sketch Challenge

Happy Day all...Cubbies WON!!!!

YEAH :)  Sorry, couldn't resist!

It was my turn to create a card sketch for the October Card Sketch Challenge on the Club Scrap Forum this month.  Well, you know I don't like to throw anything away so I always have LOADS of scrap paper in my stash.  I thought it would be fun to create a card to help use up some of those scraps and here's what I came up with....

Thanks to Julie I have a wicked cool professional looking sketch to share!!

And here are the cards I created!

Garden Shed Kit scraps + GS Digi Imagine + GA Stamps

Sunflower Kit Leftovers + Sunflower Stamps

Garden Shed Leftovers + GS Stamps & Creative License Sentiment Stamp

As you can see I cut different sizes of scrap for each card - this was to use up what I had leftover from other projects...some pieces larger, some small.  I also treated the seams differently as well - the first card was simply left as is, ric-rack was used on the 2nd and a left over border strip was trimmed down and used for the last card.  This is all about using what you have in your scrap basket.  It's nice to finally get some of those smaller bits used up.

Now it's your you keep your scraps?  
Do you USE those scraps???  
If you haven't in a while this is a great time to do so.

Stay inky my friends!

Supplies: - Cardstock, Stamps, Digi Images, Embellishments
Imagine - Memento Dye Inks, VersaFine, Pico Embellishers


  1. I haven't had a chance to get inky this week and this is great incentive! I really like how you made them all a little different, great sketch!

  2. I keep my scraps and do use them.
    The worst thing is that I grab them
    out to make trial samples of cards
    I'm going to demo for my Stampin'
    Classes. The ladies get to make
    the cards too. If I can't find
    paper that matches my scraps when I'm
    making up the kits - I'm kind of stuck.
    they have gotten used to this and
    don't mind that my card is close to
    the colors that their's are.


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