Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pocket Letter Mailing Update

Everyone now has a pocket letter in the mail winging their way to the recipient!  It shouldn't be long now.  If you receive your Pocket Letter and don't have any way to thank the sender, please let me know...I will pass along the e-mail addy if it's o.k. with each person.

I only had one person that never got back with me but I was able to make pocket letters for both of her recipients quickly and dropped them in the mail today.  

Hope you all had fun with this swap.  Many of you have mentioned how much fun it was and that you'd like to do another.   I'm thinking spring time so stay tuned!

I'm going to give the mail a chance to deliver goodies to everyone then I'll be posting all of the PL's (that I have photos of) to share with you all.

Till then, thanks so much for helping to make this another great Ink Stained Swap!

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  1. It as fun. I hope my person liked what I sent her, have not heard from her yet.
    Thanks again.


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