Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vintage Victorian Specimen Collection - Part III

Continuing on with our Victorian Specimen Collection we'll start assembling the foundation for our "collection". 

As you recall yesterday we cut up many text pages to use as the background.  You will now need to cut a board (chipboard, game board - which is what I'm using, old plaque, etc.) to the desired size.

Next, use your favorite collage medium to begin gluing the text blocks to the foundation of your collage.  Overlap the blocks for a more cohesive look.  Continue until the entire piece has been covered and let the glue dry completely.

AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 12

Continue adding pages until the entire piece has been covered.  You will now need to let the glue dry completely before moving on.
AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 13

Once the glue has dried, trim off any excess paper and sand the edges.

AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 14

Now, squeeze a bit of white acrylic paint onto your work surface; pounce a damp sea sponge into the paint to create a wash.  Pounce the white wash over the collage surface until it has been covered completely. 

AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 15

Here is what the board looks like so far.....  mmmmmm don't ya just love a fresh canvas to create on!

AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 16

Now of course you can use any color medium you would like but I used Antique Patina (a green color) Maya Mist.  I squirted a couple mists onto my craft sheet.....

AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 17

Then using the same sponge I added the white paint wash I pounced the green onto the upper left and lower right hand corners.  If you get too much color for your taste you can always add another layer of white paint wash.  Just play until you're satisfied with the results!

AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 18

If you'd like you could also just mist the color onto your board.

AP - Victorian Specimen Plaque 19

After adding all of these layers ~ the glue, wash and mist you'll need to give the board time to dry adequately.  It's best if you let the board dry overnight.

This is where we'll pick up our collage tomorrow!
See you then :)


  1. I am loving this tutorial!! Thank you for sharing in so much detail, you make following you very easy!

  2. Your tutorial is wonderful and I'm waiting eagerly for each post ! I love you work - thanks so much for sharing :)


  3. I absolutely love this tutorial and can't wait to see the finished artwork! Thank you for sharing another wonderful idea!

  4. Hi, Roni, as an "art journalist" I am intrigued by this post. It would make a perfect background for an art journal page, too! Love the application of the mist using a sea sponge! Thanks for your inspiration today!

  5. Loving these little tutorials...The board is really beautiful but that little spritz of patina really made it gorgeous! TFS


  6. I love your tutorial. I can't wait to see each new installment.

  7. game boards, great idea. adding it on my thrift list.


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