Friday, August 24, 2012

Jump For Joy - TGIF!!!

 Seems like this has been a long week...
Lots going on, late nights and no sleep...
why I have no clue ~ insomnia is like that.
(what do you do when you get insomnia??)
Let's all jump for joy :)
All stamps are from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps :)
I hope you all have a super weekend!!


  1. chamomile(spelling??) Sleepytime tea helps sometimes. I take Lunesta every single night of the year....sometimes they work and sometimes they dont. I sooooo understand

  2. Love the projects you made with that stamp.

  3. Roni
    When I cant sleep I nightdream[the opposite of daydream my word for it]of all the wonderful art to discover I think of how I will paint or ink what colour what techniques just see the process in my mind and I just get so relaxed that I drift off again
    Menopause is a horror isnt it
    Happy Dreaming from Tasmania Australia

  4. Love these silhouette stamps, Roni! Great for art journaling, too!

  5. Oh I LOVE this stamp!!! Fun cards Roni! And as for insomnia...blech. I have suffered from it most of my life, even as an infant..(or so my mom says!)

  6. I see joyful people! And I love it, Roni!


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