Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ink Stains Altered Charm Swap - General Part 2

Today I am sharing the remaining charms from the swap.  This is the second half of the "General" group.

Ink Stains Altered Charm Swap
General Group - Part 2

charm swap 036 charm swap 038 charm swap 040 charm swap 042 charm swap 046 charm swap 048 charm swap 050 charm swap 053 charm swap 054 charm swap 055 charm swap 056 charm swap 058 charm swap 061
charm swap 062 charm swap 063
Dixie (Mom)
charm swap 065
I want to thank everyone who participated by sharing your talent and creativity.
You all helped to make this an amazing and wonderful swap!
YES, since there have been so many requests next week I'll be posting for the first time ever a Christmas themed charm swap!!  You know what they say...ask and ye shall receive!


  1. Love all the charms. Thank you for sharing! A Christmas charm swap...sign me up! Love all charms.

  2. Having never made a charm, I am totally blown away by the possibilities--not to mention great talent of your contributors!

  3. Wow!! All beautiful and so many unique ones! Thanks for posting all the pics... fun to see. Yay for the Christmas swap!!

  4. Thank you for hosting this Roni, it was so much fun! I received so many beautiful works of art. I can't wait to join in the Christmas swap!

  5. They are all so fabulous! Can't wait for the Christmas one. How fun is that going to be!

  6. OOhhh! A Christmas themed charm! Can't wait!


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