Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ink Stains Altered Charm Swap - General Charms Part 1

Today I wanted to start sharing the charms made for the "General" section of the swap...

I want to thank everyone who've really outdone yourselves this time.  I'm sure to the folks who didn't participate ~ you'll get loads of great ideas to make your own!

Ink Stains Altered Charm Swap
General Charms - Part 1


charm swap 001 charm swap 003 charm swap 006 charm swap 009 charm swap 011 charm swap 012 charm swap 014 charm swap 016 charm swap 018 charm swap 019 charm swap 021 charm swap 024 charm swap 029 charm swap 031 charm swap 032 charm swap 035


  1. Absolutely amazing work by all!

  2. WOW!! All are gorgeous and so creative!!! I wish I could have gotten one of each!! There, I said it. LOL Not trying to be greedy, but they are all so fantastic! :o)

  3. Wow! Love em all...want them all, too! I have been inspired and will be making more charms! Oh, love the initial charms, Sara! I received my initial..N..!

  4. These charms are fantastic! Love how different each creation is! Fabulous!

  5. Wow! Love these. All so unique and beautiful. Well done to everyone that participated!!!


  6. You guys are all awesome! These are great!

  7. Wowzer, these were cool. a full creative spectrum, not a medium left unturned..

    Brenda, that mini granny square is super clever.


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