Thursday, January 3, 2019

Under the Weather...

Hello all...

I had planned to start the new year off with a bang but alas it has not turned out that way.  I last posted on the 27th which was the last day I felt good...dh brought home the flu bug and we've both been under the weather ever since.  I am hoping (fingers crossed) that the worst is past - after yesterday I don't think my head could hurt worse and still be in one piece. 

I know there are e-mails from a few people that I need to get back with and a couple more thank you's to send out - please don't think I'm ignoring you...just been feeling awful.  I will get to them all as soon as possible.  I will really try to get caught up on things over the weekend and get started on some new year fun.

I have a whole lot to share with you about Rinea Foiled Paper as well as a give-away which will be starting soon.

Till then, I'm still here and hopefully you will hear more soon!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!