Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cole Update

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas wherever you are. Several of you have asked so I thought it would be a great time to update you on Cole's progress and to thank everyone who has sent cards and other goodies for him.

Well, the Thursday before Christmas he went and had the thigh high cast removed. He did very well with this - so well in fact that the nurse told them that he did better than most of her other patients.  He actually giggled when they were cutting it off because he said it tickled.  What a kid!  

So they took an x-ray and it wasn't as healed as they would have liked it to be. :(  Bummer...  He is now in one of those plastic boots which has the big heal on it until the middle of January. They are hoping that the extra time it will heal up better before he can roam free again.  Good news is he can take it off and have bath time again!  This kid loves to play in the water so that's a giant plus.  The first night he was in the tub for an hour - LOL!!

He's not allowed to walk on it yet other than a step or two at a time but he can stand from time to time if it doesn't hurt.  He did so on Christmas and I snapped a shot of it before he sat down again.  He has to have something solid to help pull himself up so he grabbed a hold of the wall by their sliding glass door...

And he was so thrilled to look out into the back yard and see all of his outside toys again!  He hasn't been out there since he fell which has been quite a long time for a little boy.  He was so happy...of course he wanted to go out and play but accepted the explanation that it was too cold. 

I really appreciate everyone's cards and letters to the little guy. It has been lots of fun to see him perk up whenever I show up with a bag of envelopes. It helped to break up the boredom of just hanging out on the couch with his leg up. He really enjoys opening them up and trying to guess "what's in there?". 
Thank you all so very much!!


  1. So good to hear. I hope he continues his great progress.

  2. Glad to hear things are progressing. Continued prayers for Cole.

  3. This is good news! Thank you for sharing. Just think if all continues to go well how much exercise you will be getting this Spring and Summer. Have lots of fun with your "little guy".

  4. Water "aerobics" is great therapy. Kids are so resilient! I'm so glad he's on the mend. ♥


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