Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hot Foil & Letterpress

Hello Peeps....I've been busy!  First I think I mentioned a while ago we bought a Kingsley Hot Foil Stamper.  We are looking at doing some stamping for a company we already work with.  We're hoping to talk them into hot foil stamping their logo into tags that they can then sew into their seating products (they do van conversions).  Exciting stuff. So I've been experimenting with it to get a feel for how it all works and practicing on paper, cardstock, vinyl and leather just to see how the machine preforms under different temps and materials.

This is gold foil on black vinyl.  We have a small die that we can use to cut it out on one of our clicker presses.

These are some business cards I made using an aqua blue foil. 
It looks amazing in real life.


Look at this baby!

It's our new Chandler & Price Letterpress machine!

We don't have it home yet but it came out of an old print company that closed down last year.  It needs a little bit of work but we're very excited about it. It comes with all sorts of goodies and the alphabets I have for the hot foil machine will work in the letterpress machine as well.  We have been talking about getting one for a while now and this one was less than half an hour from our shop. I think we're going to move it next week sometime...I can't wait!  It has a large print area - 12" x 18" large enough to print book pages! 

So, that's what we've been up to lately...

Oh and the International Correspondence Writing Month is coming right along.  I'm still up to date with mailings. We're going to be taking a trip in the next week or so - I'm going to do a mass mailing at that time so I don't miss any days while we're gone.  I've heard from a few people that their cards are starting to arrive...so happy about that!

What's new with you all?

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  1. OMGoodness...I love your wonderful lettering machines. The foils look amazing and very classy! How fun to be learning and creating in this medium. Creative Bliss Dear...xo


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