Saturday, December 9, 2017

Farmer Christmas Card

Do you know how hard it is to find a farm themed Christmas card?  I decided that this year I'd make my own using Delicata Inks from Imagine.

I made my very own animal Christmas tree and topped it with a gold star!
I gave each animal a bit of holiday spirit with some glitter, a Santa hat and even some reindeer horns. 

I love how it turned out and hope the recipient does too!



Delicata – Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Golden Glitz, Dark Brown Shimmer
Radiant Neon Amplify! – White
Sponge Dauber
On Point Glue
Memento Ink – Northern Pine


Stampers Anonymous – Livestock
JoyClair Stamps – Antlers, Hat
My Favorite Things – “Merry Christmas” Sentiment
Rubber Stamp Tapestry – Poinsettia, Holly Leaf
Red Glitter
Cardstock – Cream, Kraft
Card base – Dark Green

Friday, December 8, 2017

Carve December Day 8 - Challenge Accepted!

Today I have a special stamp to was a special request for a friend. She liked my dog stamp so much she asked if I'd make one of her dog.  Never backing away from a challenge I gave it a shot and here it is...

It's her long hair weiner dog Buddy.

My first attempt was rather tragic...In my defense it was a small photo with half his face in shadow. I tried to enlarge it but the left side of his face just wouldn't show up well enough. Needless to say he's a scary looking dog - I think it's going in the trash.

So she sent me a better photo and I played with the contrast and such the started carving...

This is a much better likeness - at least you can tell how it is this time - LOL!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Carve December #7

Today I have a trio of stamps that I made to go with a couple new stamps I bought recently.  The stamps I bought were some woodsy type stamps from Joy Clair that were so cute but I needed something to go with so I carved these...

I am so excited to use these...they are going to come in so handy with my other new stamps. I think they will make some really cool "woodland" type cards and I'm thinking some masculine cards are in my near future as well. 


Speedball Carving Tool
Various Rubber Blanks
Imagine  - Memento Dye Ink

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Carve December 2017 - Day 6

This is only day 6 on my stamp carving journey and I'm still learning.  I have always wanted a feather tree stamp but I've never found one that I really like. There aren't many out there and the ones that are just don't look like what I picture a feather tree so I decided to carve one of my own.

This is my finished "decorated" feather tree.  I used several peg stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry for the decorations and to add to the bottom of my spool stand.  Looks cute huh?  Best thing - I can vary the peg stamps to change up my tree for the various seasons and holidays!!!  How cool is that?

But it wasn't all peaches and cream!  It was really hard trying to figure out how to make the branches of the tree and I had an epic fail.   My first attempt actually went into my circular file so I started over.

This time I did things a bit different and carved out all of the little bits. It was VERY time consuming but I liked how it turned out...almost.

I say almost because I started the spool stand too far down on the rubber and ended up not having enough room to carve the bottom portion of the spool....CRAP!

But I had a thought, I went digging through my circular file and pulled out my first attempt.  I liked the spool from that tree so I hacked it off, did a bit of surgery on my second stamp and ta-da! I now had a feather tree that actually had a decent stand.

And here's my funky little feather tree!
The star was carved from some scrap rubber that I cut away making the tree.

So tickled I figured out how to make it after all.

Are you carving???


Speedball Carving Tool

Stamped Imagines:

Imagine - Delicata Golden Glitz; Memento Dye Inks
Rubber Stamp Tapestry - Various Christmas Stamps

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Winter Wonderland ...

No, we didn't get any snow last night but I did make a fun winter wonderland scene on a card for Imagine!  One of the challenges for December was "winter window" so I decided to make a winter shadow box card.  It's not the normal small cards you see around.  This one measures 4x7x2.5" and fits into a #10 size envelope. Since it's 2.5" wide it allows for 4 layers plus the scene on the back of the card. Lots of room to decorate!

You can find the directions on how I completed this card here...

Don't ya just love how the White Amplify! really looks like snow on the hills and trees?  It really adds such depth and dimension to an already fun card.

So, are you ready for winter????

CarveDecember2017 - Day 5 Graber

I am so excited to share the stamp I carved today...I saw somewhere that someone was carving stamps of people from photographs.  Well I'm so not ready for that but I did want to give it a shot so I found a photo of my dog Graber (pronounced Grey-burr, not grabber - LOL) I liked and tried my hand at it.

This is my stamp that I made from this photo...

(He's a Jack Russell, Rat Terrier mix)

I forgot to print it out in reverse so he would be facing the right direction but it's pretty close.  As you can see he's brown with black shot through. I didn't know how to carve that into the stamp so it doesn't look exact but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.  He's at least recognizable.  

Monday, December 4, 2017

CarveDecember2017 Day 4

Continuing to carve stamps - this one is for my DIL for Christmas...she's already seen it, I couldn't wait to show her - LOL!!  I'm terrible at surprises.

So she loves owls so I thought I'd give one a shot. I googled owls and WOW - do you know how many different types of owls there are?  I sure didn't. My owl is kind of a mish-mash of a couple pics I saw. I liked the ears on one, feet on another, etc.  I think he turned out pretty cool though - except one of his eyes is wonky but hey, maybe he's giving someone the evil eye - LOL!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

CarveDecember2017 - #3 - Flowers

I am having so much fun carving these stamps. I made 2 different flowers today.

(Inks - Memento - Cottage Ivy; Kaleidacolor Berry Blaze)

My first flower was meant to be a tulip but I think it looks more like a crocus but I guess it's close enough.  

(Inks - Memento - Bahama Blue & Cottage Ivy)

This is supposed to be a flower but I think it looks a bit like cotton?!?!  I don't know what to do to fix it but I may try to make some leaves for it to make it look more like a flower.

Happy Carve December Friends :)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Carve December 2017 #2

Hello Friends -  
Back with another new stamp I carved!

I wanted to make a stamp that looked cool on it's own but also worked in groupings... I'm pretty happy with hot it turned out!

I used Kaleidacolor - Autumn Leaves for this example :)
I forgot to rock the stamp on a couple of these images but you get the general idea.

Friday, December 1, 2017

December CS Card Sketch Challenge

Hello my inky friends!  It's time for a new card sketch challenge on the Club Scrap Forum and I've got another fun sketch for you.

We're pushing the main image up into the corner!

And here are my cards...

This sketch leaves it pretty open for interpretation. I hope you give it a go.

Supplies: - Scandinavian Holiday Kit & Stamps; Misc. CS embellishments
Imagine - VersaMagic (chalk) ink; VersaFine

Carve December 2017 - Day 1

Welcome to Carve December 2017!  This is the first year I'm participating in so I'm really excited. I would label myself as a beginner as far as carving goes.  I gave it a try many years ago when a friend got me a carving blade and a piece of the pink Speedball rubber.  Let's just say it was less than successful and I haven't attempted it since.

Recently Marcie at Imagine posted a link to this challenge and I thought it sounded like lots of fun so I am going to give it a shot.  I can't promise that I'll carve every day but I'm going to play as much as possible time wise.

I wanted to start out easy so I went with a geometric design.  This is a stamp I've wanted for several years, I just haven't gotten around to purchasing one so I decided to make one for myself!

It's wicked easy, I just made some marks on the square of rubber, drew lines with my pencil and carved.  I did dig them a bit deeper than I needed but that was in part due to the kept wanting to pull the blade deeper as I pushed it along the line. I tried to straighten them up as best I could but you can see there are some pretty wiggly lines.  Not bad for a first try though.

This stamp was carved using some pretty yellow rubber blanks that I bought on amazon.  Actually it was a set of 5 of these squares - about 2" square.  I must say I'm not real impressed with these pieces of rubber. They are a bit difficult to cut (as opposed to the Speedball pink rubber) and they are not flat. I found that little bit out when I went to stamp the image above. It's higher in the center than it is the edges so to get the images above I had to rock the stamp back and forth to get a full impression.

All in all, this was a fun start to Carve December 2017.  Are you carving?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Did You Cave????

I am so glad that this week is almost over...I swear if I got one sale e-mail I must have received 500!  It's not only in my inbox, it's on facebook, on every google search I do, every where I turn there is a sale!!  Not only are there sales but they keep going and going. 

You all know how cheap I am... I am a sale shopping. I hate paying full price for anything so this time of the year is a real test of my will-power NOT to buy everything I see....  Because you know it's SUCH a great price - LOL!!  What's even worse (and killing me) is that they aren't just having sales, great sales mind you, they are extending these sales well beyond Black Friday / Cyber Monday.  What's a bargain shopper to do????

Now I won't say I've been an angel - because ya know some of these sales have been too good to pass up BUT I have bought several Christmas presents as well which is a good thing ;)  LOL!!  And besides, I have been fairly good recently keeping my crafty spending down to a minimum.

SO, the question is...did you cave in to all the folks out there hawking their wares for unbelievable prices????

I did however want to mention that tomorrow starts 

I mentioned it a couple weeks ago but in case you missed it Carve December is a challenge to carve a new stamp every day. You can click on either link above to go to the website to find out more. I would classify myself as a beginner because while I have carved a few stamps in the past it's been YEARS since I carved anything and the ones I did carve were very crude. I have already started carving and I must say I am thrilled with the results so far. I have made 5 stamps so far and I can actually see improvements with each one!  I wanted to carve a bit ahead because I know there are several days coming up when I won't have time to carve but I have found it to be so relaxing!  It's great fun.  

I also did a bit of an experiment with various types of rubber out there to carve. I will be sharing my findings with you very soon in case you'd like to join in the fun and not make the same mistakes I've made ;)  LOL!!

So I invite you to carve with me :) 
I'm sure we'll have loads of fun!!


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Trattoria Blog Hop

Welcome to December's Club Scrap Blog Ho
featuring the great foodie themed kit - Trattoria!  

Before I get to my project I would like to take a moment to say Farewell and Thank You to you all as this is the final month the Club Scrap Artist Team will share it's creations with you. It means so much when you stop by to see what I have dreamed up each month.  I would like to also extend a hearty Thank You!! to Tricia and Club Scrap for everything they have allowed us to do over our past term. It's been such fun and I have enjoyed it all!

I never really thought of myself as a foodie before but when I saw the kit I knew instantly what I wanted to make (I love it when that happens!).  Our family LOVES to eat...we enjoy trying new restaurants and when we find a favorite we are very loyal.  We have several favorites that we visit as often as possible.  This album was created with those favorites in mind!

The album style is more of a junk journal type thing with all sorts of pages sizes made from a variety of materials (mostly found chipboard pieces).  Making it this way will allow me to add more favorites as we find them without having to stress over finding exactly the same page format. 

The inside page explains a bit about what the album is about...
Best Ever :)

(Oley's Pizza - Ft. Wayne, IN)

There's lots of stamping, hand written notes and several pages have typed up stories of how we found the place, where it's located along with what we love about it and/or fond memories.  I also included photos of either the restaurant it's self, signage and of course the food!

(Industrial Revolution - Valporaiso, IN)

I used hidden journaling on many of the pages - not because I didn't want anyone to read about it but because even typed our stories were too long to fit on the pages.  Hope you enjoy....

(Shady Maple Amish Smorgasbord - East Earl, PA)

(The Whistle Stop - Glendale, KY)

(Don Chava's - Fort Wayne, IN)

(4 Seasons Diner - Bryan, OH)

(Turkey Lake Tavern - Elmira, IN)

(The Beef House - Covington, IN)

(Royal Donut - Danville, IL)
(Round the Clock Diner - Valporaiso, IN)

(Coney Island - Fort Wayne, IN)

(Seyfert's Potato Chip Factory - previously Fort Wayne, IN)

(Godfather's Pizza - previously Fort Wayne, IN)

Hope this inspires you to create your own fun food memories album!

The next stop on the hop is

and the complete list can be found here:

Supplies: - Trattoria Kit, Stamps, Ribbons, Embellishments
Imagine - VersaFine, VersaMagic, Delicata
Book Rings
Chipboard, Acetate (packaging), Giant Tags (for book pages)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas is in the Air

Over the long weekend I decided to take some time and make a few Christmas cards so I pulled out my peg stamps and played a bit.

For my first card I used the set Twinkle Twinkle - I stamped the shape of a Christmas tree with the cedar stamp using Pistashio Memento Ink; next I added the lights and wires using VersaFine Onyx ink and finished it off with the ornaments.  I also used a couple stamps not included in the kit - the little sitting mouse and Merry Christmas sentiment.  I added the light halo using a sponge dauber with matching ink.  I wish you could see it IRL because then you would also see that the lights are a bit sparklie from the touch of Sparkle irRESISTible Medium I covered them with.  

The card background was stamped using snowflakes (White VersaColor ink) and a trio of tiny flowers (in Delicata Golden Glitz).

This is my "country Christmas" card...  I used Southern Pine set around the top and bottom edges. The sentiment is from Just From Fun stamps.  It's a bit rustic looking which I thought goes perfectly with the pine cones.

Finally I did something a bit different with the Holiday Joy stamp set. I used the leaves, flowers and squiggles combined them with the poinsettia stamp from Pine & Poinsettia set to make my own "poinsettia tree".  The barrel stamp is something I had in my stash (sorry, don't recall which set it's from). 

The background for this card was stamped with candy canes, stockings and a tiny little gift which is just darling! 

This card is a bit different for me as it leaves traditional holiday colors behind and I used Love Letter which has a rose hue, Bahama Blue and Bamboo Leaves green.  Not exactly what you think of for Christmas but I think it works.

Anyway, that was my bit of stress relief over the long holiday weekend ;)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge - Mix It Up!

This month the Club Scrap Artist Team was asked to Mix It Up! by combining elements from 3 or more kits. Well you know because all of the kits are so beautifully made this was an easy task.  I decided to use elements from some of my favorites...

I have used bits and pieces from Lagoon (08/17), Refresh Remix and Transformations (09/15)

I have stamped, embossed, embellished and mixed it all up. I have used embellishments from these kits and a couple others...not sure where it all came from because it's in my embellishments bag.  The only other extra bit I added was the sparklie grey washi tape. It just needed a bit of bling ;)

Now my pocket letter will be winging it's way to it's new home :)
Thanks so much for checking out my creation.

The next stop on the hop is: Tina

and if you get lost along the way the complete list can be found here:

Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge


Club Scrap - Refresh Remix, Lagoon, Transformations
Imagine - VersaMark, Embossing Powder, Memento - Teal Zeal, VersaColor
Washi Tape
Baseball Page

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sending you blessings and good wishes

now and through out the coming year.

Stay safe and enjoy the day

Happy Thanksgiving!!!