Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 Texture Calendar!

It is time for another fun technique calendar. In the past my calendars have all had some sort of theme - everything from product specific techniques, "experimental" techniques, mixed media techniques to last years watercolor techniques.  

Well this year I wanted to switch it up a bit and make a calendar with the focus being on creating amazing background textures that can be used not only on calendars but collages, cards, art journals and more.  These textured backgrounds can be then finished off with any color play you would like.  

I am very excited about this...I've been thinking about it for quite some time now and have a list of about 24 ideas starting from something very basic to more complex.  Still not sure which 12 will be included in the finished calendar so it will be a surprise for both of us.  I may take the leftover texture ideas I have and make a book later in the year just for fun.

Not sure how quickly we will get through this as my life has changed in the past several months but I'm going to shoot for a couple techniques a week...making it a 6-7 week project. Working mostly full time has limited my art time (since I also take care of all of the office/purchasing/accounting for the business and of course taking care of household chores - yuck!  LOL!!) so it may extend a bit but hopefully not too much.

Each year I like to make the calendar a different shape.  This year I'm using this fun card die to create my calendar pages.  Unfortunately it's not available anymore as it was from Top Dog Dies which has now permanently closed.

The calendar that I will be using is from Calendar - 2017  but of course you can use any style calendar you would like.   If you're like me you have several calendars here and there...another of my favorite calendars is the one from IMOM - Cute & Crafty 2017.  

As far as supplies go - we'll be using lots of gesso, modeling or embossing paste.  I'm also going to throw in Creative Medium (from Imagine), some acrylic paint, white glue and more.  Most supplies will be fairly common, easy to locate and probably already in your stash.

So gather up your calendar, papers/chipboard, pull out your gesso and get ready to make some texture!  I'll be starting with our first page on Monday.


  1. Yes Roni, I have already prepared the shapes with a great die Sizzix, but I was not too inspired! I will participate and I look forward to meet you - gesso, masks and paintings are ready! Have a good New Year's party! Friendships from France

  2. I also make new calendars every year. Like what you plan.
    Looking forward to see the result. Happy New Year.

  3. I have not made a calendar before. It will be fun to see what you make!

  4. Sounds like a fun adventure.
    thanks for taking the time to
    work with us.
    Happy New Year

  5. That sounds fantastic, I will be in again :) Thanks in advance.


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