Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hand Made Dictionary Beads!

Today I have a project that I'm sure you may have seen before but I like to think that I've kicked it up a notch....  paper beads!

These are a bit different that the usual beads...instead of using magazine pages or cardstock/pattern paper I used dictionary pages and for a bit more of a professional look I glued eyelets into each end and covered them with a couple layers of clear embossing powder.  They look like glass beads IRL.

For complete instructions please see:

on the Imagine Blog.


  1. WOWZA how cool are these. I have seen other paper beads etc but love this!

  2. Roni Dear you have definitely raised the paper beads bar. I love your addition of the eyelets in the ends and the glossy gorgeous finish. Lovely indeed...

  3. Love the dictionary page idea! And the variegated colors will allow you to match them to any outfit. Very clever!


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