Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wedding Update....

Several people have asked for updates so I thought I'd post...  Last evening we went and bought dh's and oldest sons clothing - white dress shirts, dark blue denim jeans.  These will be paired with ties & vests (also picked up from the rental store last night) in royal blue for ds and just the tie for dh.    The colors are royal blue (son) and hot pink (dil) - Bob (ds) and his guys are wearing the blue while her attendants and dad will be wearing the hot pink.  

My dress is a navy blue - I couldn't find any royal blue dress that looked nice on me and was appropriate for a wedding.  Most of the royal blue dresses were either prom dresses or sexy cocktail dresses.  So not me in either case!  I hope it looks o.k. in the pics and I'm not too overdressed - it's a casual wedding at a lovely old country church.

We also ordered the bread which I have to pick up on Friday and bought the supplies for 50+ pounds of potato salad.  My mom makes the best potato salad and Morgan (soon to be DIL) asked her if she'd make it for the wedding.  That's my job tomorrow....peeling 50 pounds of potatoes and cooking them - then I am taking them over to Mom's and she's going to work her magic.  I guess in reality it's going to be like 60-75 pounds of ps as there are lots of other ingredients to add to the 50 pounds of taters.  That's o.k. though - I love it and will gladly take some home with me ;)

Friday I have to pick up the buns, take a few things to the church while they are decorating, rehersal and rehersal dinner.  We're having the dinner at Pizza Hut - their choice, not ours.  Dh and I wanted to either cater it or go somewhere nice but the kids decided that they didn't want anything fancy or have to travel too far so we let them choose.  Garden room is all reserved, pizza's ordered - set to go for Friday at 6:30 p.m.

Morgan is getting nervous and Bob says he's not...I don't really buy that but we'll see - LOL!!  Now that we have the clothing and food staples I'm feeling better about it.  Not nearly as nervous as I was.  I like to plan and have things organized way in advance...I had my dress within a week of their picking the date if that tells you anything - LOL!!  

Well, that's about all I know at this point....  I need to take some pics of the card box I made for them so I can share it with you all tomorrow.  I'm very happy with how it turned out - it's simple and elegant - just what they were going for.  


  1. Hang in there. Super busy time but enjoy it.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of potatoes, but YUM!!! Try your best to relax once everything is done...but I know how nerve wracking it can be! Best of luck to the lucky couple....and I know you're going to look just perfect in the photos!

  3. Super exciting and it sounds like a fun wedding :-) All that spud peeling will make you feel like in an army camp hahahaha !! :-)


  4. Good luck. I'd say "enjoy" but there will be too many nerves
    to really enjoy. Just go with the flow.
    best wishes.


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