Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hypno Origami Wall Art Instructions

Yesterday I shared my "Hypno" origami wall art piece with I'm going to show you step by step instructions on how to recreate the origami pieces needed to make one of your own.


Tip - It's best to use text weight papers for origami because there are so many folds and creases.  I've made origami pieces using cardstock weight papers before and let me tell you after all of the creases and folds your fingers get very tired and sore.

1. Cut your paper into squares - the size depends on how large you want your finished piece to be.  I am using 4" pieces of paper for the example above.

2. Fold your paper into quarters and open up.

3. Fold one side towards the center and crease (leave closed).

4. Rotate your paper and fold the other side so it meets in the center, crease and leave closed.

Your paper is now divided into 2 halves at the center point by one of the original creases.  We will be working on each half separately from here on out.

4. Fold one corner of the smaller box toward the center fold line and crease. 

5. Open up that crease.

6. Rotate your paper, fold the second corner over toward the center fold line and crease.

7. Open up that fold and you have now made an invisible "X" on that side of your paper.  I put dash marks to help you visualize the folds we just made.

8. Rotate your paper and repeat the fold and crease to create the "X" on the second half of your paper.

Your paper should now have a creased "X" on each side of the fold line as shown above.

9. Tuck one corner under on opposite sides - one on each end as shown.

I have placed 2 small "X"s on the parts we will be working with next.

10. From the back side, push these sections towards the center.

11. Pinch these two pieces together.

12. Tuck them under the previously folded under triangle.

You should now have a folded pyramid on half of your paper as shown.

Here's the top view of the pyramid.

13. Rotate your paper to work on the other end of the piece.

14.  Push the two pieces towards the center; pinch and 

15. Tuck under the previously folded triangle.

You now have a boat!

16. Find the center fold that we made at the very beginning of it all - pinch the two pyramids together as shown above and below.

17. Let go of the pyramids and place them flat on your work surface....  You're done!  You now have one piece of your origami wall art puzzle.

18. Repeat this process 6 (for the smaller pieces) or 27 (for the larger piece) or as many times as needed depending on how big you want your wall art to be!  I know it sounds like quite a bit of work but really it IS worth it in the end.

Now as far as sizes go, I've made you a little comparison to show how big things get as you increase in size.  The smallest piece was made with a 4" square and measures 3.5" from tip to tip; the center piece was made using a 6" square and measures 5.25" from tip to tip.  The largest was what they used in the original piece I found - 8.5" square and measures 7.5" from tip to tip.  I can't imagine how big their finished piece was when they got done with it....must have taken up a whole wall!

Now I also wanted to show you why I liked using the Hypno paper for this project.  The paper itself has a very cool collage feel to it...lots of text, images and graphic design elements as well as multiple colors on each page.  This design paired with the pyramid form gives you something new to look at at every angle....  The photo above and the two consecutive pictures are different angles of the large piece. As you can see when you change your perspective the piece takes on a totally new look.

So much fun rolled up into one piece of art.

See why I told you it was worth it?
You won't be sorry in the end.


  1. Ooooooo !!! How super cool :-D Thank you for the instructions :-D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wow! Great instructions. Thanks for all the detail!

  3. Seen your awesome wal-art yesterday and was wondering about it. Now that I see your step by step I know why it looked familiair.
    Last year I folded one and am using it as a stand for my iPhone since then ;o)


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