Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hot Glue Texture Plates for Gelli Plate Printing

So, I've got all these wonderful mini gelli arts plates that I have yet to do anything with.  I've had them since they came out but alas...far too many irons the the fire and so not enough time to do it all.
Well, I decided that I needed to play with them.  But first I wanted to make some new texture plates.

I pulled out my hot glue gun and some heavy duty chipboard....not the good stuff mind you, I keep chipboard from product boxes, game board boxes and other packaging and use it for projects like this.

Now that I have a base for my texture plate, I pull out my hot glue gun and just start doodling.  You don't have to be all neat and tidy...that's what stencils are for.  These are more artsy and random designs.  Draw whatever your heart desires!

These are a few of the texture plates I came up you can see I forgot to take pics before "testing" them out - LOL!!  Some of my test prints are below....I wasn't taking lots of time lining things up or anything, just testing layers and patterns out.  Playing pretty much....

So next, deli tray texture plates!  
On to those tomorrow.

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  1. I also need Gelli Plate 101 for the one I bought last year. Thanks for the tutorial! Will give it a try...soon...maybe...


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