Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Stamps!

I have been cleaning all day (yuck) but after I got the mail I HAD to take a moment or two to play with a set of new stamps today...actually 2 new sets.   Altenew Stamps that is!  I LOVE 2 of their newest sets - Peony Bouquet and Painted Greetings and this is what I made with them...

Love love love that big peony!!  They are one of my favorite flowers so I was thrilled when I saw this set.  So beautiful.  I used Memento Inks to stamp the entire card.

Just an up close look at the flower - so pretty!

Altenew Stamps - Peony Bouquet, Painted Greetings
IMAGINE Crafts - Memento Inks
ClubScrap.com - Cardstock


  1. Beautiful flower! I love all the color and shading!

  2. If you spent all day doing that Roni then you can play a lot more! Love these stamps, they are on my wish list! Your card is gorgeous huni Karen x

  3. Very pretty. Love that big flower. Giveaway over at Rubber Dance http://rubberdance.blogspot.no/2016/01/altered-chipboard-butterfly-giveaway.html One day left to comment. Hugz

  4. Ooh! Beautiful! I love this stamp set too.

  5. I can see you expanding that with some of your watercolor talents - would love to see more from that stamp. Your card is beautiful!!

  6. You are so talented. Love your art and creative ideas.

  7. I just got the peony set also, but haven't had a chance to use it. I like their images, but I do have an issue with their layered stamp sets like this one. They do not provide any guide of how to put layer on layer so that the shading comes out correctly. One of their sets, I think it's called Vintage Roses, has a stamping guide on the page where you can get a close-up of the stamps. That guide is very helpful - provides placement tips. I used it with my Beautiful Day set (even though they are different images) and it made a world of difference with the final outcome. I've written to Altenew asking them to provide similar diagrams for all of their layered stamp sets, but they have not responded. Beautiful images, I just wish they were more user-friendly.

    1. Yes, some of their stamp sets are very difficult to figure out - I had to stamp this one twice before I got it to turn out right. I have the vintage roses as well and it's just as lovely. I had asked about that too but never got a reply. I made my own stamping guides once I figured them out.

  8. I have never gotten a reply to anything I've sent them. I did tell them that originally I'd recommended their stamps to the store owner where I teach, but after I realized how difficult they could be to use I could not, in good conscience, recommend them. That did not get a response. I posted a request on their Facebook page - doubt that will get a response either. It's unfortunate that they seem so reluctant to be helpful (you'd think the method to use the stamps was a State secret or something, lol) because they have beautiful images.
    I've done the same thing - created my own guide.

  9. They DID reply to my Facebook comment. A very generic "Thank you for your suggestion, Linda. We'll be working on it. Thank you!" Not much, but more than I've gotten from emails.


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