Friday, January 1, 2016

HAPPY 2016!!!

Happy January 1st - 2016!!

I hope you all had a safe and fun evening celebrating the new year!

I'm not much into resolutions because well, most of them get broken by mid-February so it's kind of pointless.  I did however want to post a few goals I have for my arty self....

1. Participate in at least 1 challenge each week.  I know this sounds like alot but I think challenges push you to try new things, look at supplies and stamps in a new way and all in all keep your creative muse on his or her toes. 

2.  Draw and Paint more!   I started to draw a bit more  in 2015 and I want to continue with it.  I think if I keep at it I will get to where I will even share it with you all.  I also started to watercolor in 2015 but again, I just dabbled - I'd like to take some of my drawings and finish them off with a bit of watercolor.

3. Use at least one different color medium each week.  This one is going to be a hard one...I know I do and maybe you do as well, get into a funk of using the same old supplies for each project.  I like my inks so I tend to ignore my other mediums and stick to what's comfortable.  Well this year I am aiming to switch things up and start using some of these fabulous supplies I have in my stash!  I'm hoping that between the challenges and your support I can accomplish this goal!

Well, I think I'll have my hands full with these 3 goals, how about you?  Do you have any artistic goals for the year?  Anything you'd like to accomplish before we hit 2017?  Please feel free to share and maybe we can support and encourage each other through out the year.

Finally, what's ahead....  I hoping to host a couple of swaps soon - I was thinking it's time for a charm swap since it's been so long since the last one, maybe an ATC swap and/or Napkin swap (more details on this later).   That is time allowed - we have taken on a couple new jobs in our business and I am now the official screen printer!!  Yes, we had a job that required the companies name to be printed on the product we sew.  We've been purchasing the necessary tools to do so and I've been practicing for the last few weeks.  It is so much fun - it's like rubber stamping on a big screen... love it!  I get really inky fingers when I'm doing that - LOL!!  Since I got a taste I'm really yearning to branch out into printing other things.  I don't know what yet but I'm on the look-out for a project.  

Anyway, sending out wishes for a wonderful year filled with stamps, ink and goodness all 'round!  


  1. Definitely want to enter more challenges. I was using different things in my stash and want to continue to do so. I did a lot of experimenting and trying new things also and I want to do more of that. Can't wait to try to print on fabric using my Gelli Plate.

    Wishing you an Artsy New Year!

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals and good luck with them!

  3. My wish for you is a wonderful artsy and healthy 2016.
    Thank you for sharing All you do.

  4. You've got some great goals and plans! Happy New Year Roni!

  5. Happy New Year Roni!!
    May you complete all of your resolutions!! ")

  6. Happy New Year Roni. Great goals. Perhaps you would consider joining the Rubber Dance Stamp challenge. Would love to see you there. Hugz

  7. I like your goals. My goals fall along the same lines. Use my stash. Experiment more. Color and watercolor!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!