Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bleach Stamping Technique Challenge

This month the September Technique Challenge over at Club Scrap is Bleach Stamping.  If you've ever given this a try you know how much fun it is to see what color the bleach will turn your cardstock once it has been applied.  Each paper reacts differently with the bleach creating a wide variety of results.  

I am using it in conjunction with September's Club Scrap Kit - Transformations.  This is SUCH a lovely kit - think of a relaxing spa!  Can't wait till you see it!

On to my bleach stamping results....

This is the first card I created...I LOVE the shell cross section stamp.  It's so very striking don't you think?

To begin with I gathered up my supplies - an aluminum pie tin with a few paper towels soaked in bleach; a piece or two of cardstock and my stamps.  I also had a dry cloth and my StazOn Stamp Cleaner/Conditioner on hand as well so I could clean the bleach off my stamps once I was finished.  This is very important as the bleach could dry out the stamps over time.

So to begin I simply pounced my stamp on the bleach soaked towels and stamped the image onto the cardstock.  You can see initially it just looks wet.

Once the bleach soaks in the image becomes very light....

But once you give it a few minutes the bleach will start working on the paper and your image will magically appear!  This stamped image is the one in the lower left hand corner of the finished card.  You can see how bright it turned out after the bleach had time to do it's thing.

This is the second card I tried...as you can see the bleach turned the deep chocolate brown cardstock a light grey.   I used a paint brush to paint the bleach along to bottom to create a table top as well.

Initially the stones were very light in color when bleached. 

Luckily there was a stencil to help color this image included in the September kit!  So I pulled it out and dabbed on a couple more layers of bleach to really help the stones lighten in color.

Finally my third attempt stamping on the bamboo green cardstock in the kit...I love the creamy color the bleach turned the cardstock.  If you will notice on the left and upper portion of the card I also used a paintbrush to flick the bleach onto the card.  It created a really fun speckled pattern - some lighter and some darker depending on how much bleach actually made it onto the card.

The stone card and this bamboo card are actually playing double duty.  The September Tool Challenge on the Club Scrap forum is to use your Craft Knife in some way on your creation.  I cut around the stones so I could tuck the ginkgo leaves behind the stones; I cut out the stamped ginkgo leaves and I also cut around the bamboo leaves on the second card so I could tuck the sentiment behind them.  Fun fun!


Club Scrap.com - Transformations Kit - cardstock, stamps, embellishments, ribbon.
IMAGINE Crafts featuring Tsukineko - Memento Ink - Rich Cocoa, Bamboo Leaves, Teal Zeal
Craft Knife, Bleach, Pie Tin, Paper Towels, Paint Brush, Exacto Knife


  1. Wow, that bleach idea is really clever! Very pretty :)

  2. Ooooh - very cool - I LUV these cards :-D
    IKE xxx

  3. I love bleaching. I do mine by taking a stamp like a big flower with a long no space stem stamp then embossing with black. Then bleach petals. The embossing walls keep the beach in. Your shell stamp is wonderful.
    Hugs from Florence, Oregon

    1. I love that technique and just tried it myself :)

  4. I love how these bleach-stamped cards turned out! Great job.


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