Thursday, June 11, 2015

Time Steampunk Mica Card - Part 2

Back today to share how I finished off this fun Steampunk inspired telescoping card....

If you recall I left you at this point yesterday....

Well, we're ready to create the embellishments for this card and assemble each panel to make it telescope.  

I started off by stamping several clock/time related images with StazOn ink then covering with a layer of Antique Creative Medium.

While the CM was drying I stamped the sentiment (from several times and cut out each word and edged with black ink.

Next I cut out LOTS of gears using various dies from Memory Box using the left over cardstock I covered with the Metallic Creative Medium from the frames.

Then I stamped and embossed the "T" from the time stamp, trimmed and adhered it to the smallest scallop circle.  This will be the front cover of the card.

Then I started adding all of the fun bits to each segment of the card. 

When it's time to assemble I started off by stacking the second largest frame over the largest frame.  Noted where they lined up at the bottom and poked a this point you need to make sure everything is oriented correctly when the card opens up as shown below....

Affix the next size frame to the 2nd largest - continue adding each segment frame to the previous until you reach the cover....  

Here it is opened (above) and all closed up below!

And here are the individual gears/frames/segments.,...

So there you have it....a really telescoped telescoping card!
Hope you've enjoyed this project and give it a try for yourself.


  1. Wow. Amazing card Roni. Love it. Hugz

  2. love all the techniques you used to create this card. will try them out. thanks as always for sharing.

  3. I love how it stacks up! (pun intended) The graduated sizes of the gears give it an interesting look.

  4. What a novel idea. I have often looked at my dies and wished I could use all the sizes. This project is food for thought.
    Thank you sooo much for sharing.


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