Monday, May 18, 2015

Art Product ? For You - Love Your Opinion!

Hi Friends!  Happy Monday :)  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I am happy to report I am feeling better!  The ear meds started to work but I did end up with a ruptured ear drum in my R ear so I won't be hearing anything with that puppy for a good while - YUCK!  But I'm mostly over this darn virus everyone has had around here and at least my ears don't hurt anymore.

Today I have a question for you about your perspective on products and knowledge about those products.  I have a couple situations that have me in a bit of a quandary.  I know what my thoughts are but I want to see if I'm way off base or if my thinking is correct.

O.k....I don't have a particular product in mind, (well I do but we're not going to use that for the example) but just think about any new (to you) craft product out on the market.  Now, with this product in mind I have some questions for you...

**Would you like to see as many projects made using this product as possible - before and after you buy it?

**Thinking about these projects would you like to see mainly simple projects incorporating said product or an array of projects from the simple most basic approach to more involved on into advanced techniques?  

**Would you like to see the chosen product used in many easy techniques vs. an array of techniques (no matter the level)?

**If you saw a project that was more time consuming that say a CAS card would it turn you off on a particular project (or product) even if this project was laid out in very easy to follow step by step instructions?

I know these questions may sound silly but it's driving me crazy.  IMO (for what it's worth - and apparently that's not much) I would prefer to see lots of examples of the product in use, used in a vast array of projects, in a wide range of styles and difficulty levels.  Even if these projects take more than 15-20 minutes to make. 

Again, in my opinion I like to purchase products that I know I WILL use for more than one technique or style and can be used over and over to achieve a variety of looks.  Not something that I am going to use once and let it get shoved in the back of a drawer somewhere.  

Maybe I'm just crazy but I'd really love to hear what you think about these questions...if you'd rather not post here please feel free to e-mail me.


  1. Roni, I'm with you. I try not to buy products that I will not use for more than one project. I love starting with the simple projects, and then learning more new techniques that may be more difficult as I go along. I figure with as much as things cost nowdays, I want the bang for my buck.

  2. When I buy a new to me products, I research them as well as I can. You tubes, ustreams, blogs whatever I can find. I like more complex projects. I don't mind putting in the time to explore products how ever far I can push them or myself. I like lots of ideas on how fellow crafters are using products. Generates more of my own ideas. I also made some decisions early on when moving into paper crafts. I limit the companies whose products I use. I don't try to buy everything. Hope that helps.

  3. I like the idea of seeing an array of possibilities from easy to complex. And the more uses for a product, the better in my opinion. I have really enjoyed your tutorials and visit often. I've used many of your examples in my projects. Don't have a blog so I haven't posted any pictures. Hope this helps.

  4. I also like to see an array of ideas from simple to complex for a product. I find that as time goes on and my skill level changes it keeps me from being bored with a product and squirreling it away to the dark recesses of a drawer! Any projects that can not be finished in 15-20 minutes....well there is always a space on the desk for in progress.

  5. I like seeing all the things I can do with a product. In fact sometimes a blog post will encourage me to take out a product and use it again. I love instant gratification of quick projects but to be honest most of my favorite projects take longer. I will confess there are times I use clear UTTE instead of having to wait for Dimensional Magic to dry.

  6. I agree with you Roni that I would prefer to see a variety of different uses and levels of difficulty for a product! I do like step by step tutorials (video or pictures).

  7. Hi Roni, I treasure my pennies so I want to see lots about any product I am thinking of buying, before and after I buy it. Lots of different techniques please from the simple to the complex. Would admire a complex project but probably wouldn't tackle it. You won't believe how long I can take to make a CAS project LOL. Hugz

  8. I always try to buy products that have multiple uses for projects. The more ways to use it, the more intrigued I am! I also like seeing a lot of projects because not all designs are my style or preference so if I can see the product uses in different ways, one or two projects may just call to me!

  9. I vote for variety--lots of styles and techniques from simple to complex. You are always good about using products in different ways and I appreciate that!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!