Friday, March 27, 2015

Watercolor Preference?

Hello Friends...

Note: Aqua Tints are different from the Aqua Markers.  Aqua Tints are actually little jars of liquid watercolor medium.  If you click on the link below you can take a look at them.  I've watched several of Sheena Douglas's videos using them and they look like SUCH fun.

I am thinking about buying some new liquid watercolor medium.  I would really like the Spectrum Noir Aqua Tints but alas they are only sold in the UK :(  I e-mailed and asked and they don't have any indication they will be sold in the US anytime soon.  I *thought* about ordering them from the UK BUT the shipping was going to be almost as much as the watercolors - whew - with exchange rates and such almost 275.00.

Soooo I also had on my list Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Ink or Hydrus Watercolors.  Anyone out there ever use these before?  Likes, dislikes?

Do you have other suggestions besides these?  I'm open to all suggestions.

Also, on that same note what do you think of Brusho powders?  I'd really like to purchase some of these as well but can't find them in stock anywhere here in the US either.

Thanks for your input - I like to hear what you've tried and your thoughts.


  1. In two recent watercolor classes the instructors have recommended Daniel Smith watercolors in tubes. A little more expensive than Liquitex or Golden's new line of watercolors but they are highly saturated colors and very easy to blend. Dick Blick is suppose to have Brusho crystals in stock around April 10th.

  2. I was told perhaps in May they would be available here in the states but you never can tell. In the meantime have you tried water coloring with dye inks? They appear to be more translucent than my regular water colors. I especially like using the Distress Ink that way.I'm not familiar with the products you mentioned. Sorry cant help you there.

  3. O.K. A friend who works for the company got back to me and you can order the Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers here:

    Hope this helps you and the price I think is better for you. All four color packs and a CD for less than a $100 with free flat rate shipping. There goes my credit card balance up again! Lol!

  4. You can get the Spectrum Aqua markers at Hallmark Scrapbook . com here: Lindsay at frugalcrafter blog has demonstrated them a few times, and they DO look like they're easy to use.

  5. Hi Roni, I do use the Dr Ph Martin hydrus watercolors when doing mixed media pieces and I like how they drip and run. The color saturation is good. I also use the India inks, but they are not watercolor. They are opaque and add interesting runs and splatters to pieces. Once dry they are permanent. I have tried a lot of Golden's products and am never disappointed with their performance. Just depends on how much you are willing to invest in a piece and how long you want the colors to hold up against sunlight and atmospheric pollution. I will have to go and watch Lindsey's you tube on the Spectrum Noir aqua markers, don't know anything about them. will watch for your experiments. thanks as always for sharing.

  6. Just learned that the Aqua Markers and Aqua Tints are two different things. As Roni said the Tints are only available in Europe for now.

  7. Brushos are brilliant, so versatile and fun to use. In crystal form are unpredictable, but can achieve. some amazing results. Can also dilute and use a water colour, make into sprays and can also add a thickening agent(though not tried this yet) Check out for ideas too. But best just to have a play. I am in UK so easy to get hold of now but think can get on amazon.
    PS. must have colour is the black - so many different pigments in there. If you love colour you will love these and very economical

  8. Roni, Paper Wishes has the spectrum aqua markers now, 12 pen sets for $29.99 free shipping on orders of $79 or more. Hope that helps.


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