Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Watercolor Paper - Input Needed

I am getting closer to sharing my watercolor paper comparison but I wanted to get your input on a few things...

I have many many different types of paper to compare but I was wanting to know what color mediums you might like to see.

I have planned to test the following:

Inks - Archival, Memento & StazOn

Mediums - Watercolor Paints (Koi); Watercolor Pencils; Watercolor Crayons (if I can find them); Distress Stains; Gelatos; Acrylics; and alcohol markers.

Is there some other medium you'd like to see on the papers?  If there is, just leave a comment or e-mail me directly.  I'll be happy to test anything I am able.

I needed to know how many things I was going to test so I knew how bit to cut my papers.  Once I get that down I'll be able to start all of the comparisons.


  1. You have pretty much covered in your list the things I have as well as things I don't have yet. I am especially looking forward to seeing how Memento and StazOn ink work as those and Distress inks are pretty much what I have. Since I just bought Gelatos I'm also looking forward to seeing how those work. Thanks for asking!

  2. How about testing: Distress paints, Lumiere fabric paints, gouache, tinted gesso, acrylic glazes?
    Thanks for doing this!


  3. I really look forward to the test with the gelatos.
    Thank you Roni.

  4. I am wondering how tombow markers would do on watercolor paper. only if you have them though.

  5. also thank you for your tests I love seeing what is good vs not as good.

  6. The mediums you have listed, gelatos, distress stains, alcohol markers and watercolor paints all sound great, but I'd like to also see distress paint and Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays, both the starburst stains and the flat fabios. I have all these mediums and like them, but I only use them for one or two applications each and have not ventured out into experimenting with watercolor paper at all.

  7. Distress inks,stains and paints would be a good addition to the list-as they are waterbased and designed to be manipulated. I would love to see how the papers hold up under alot of manipulating of these products!

  8. Thank you for this survey, Roni. I'd like to see comparisons with water soluble screen printing inks, if you ever use them. They have such vibrant colors, I'd love to see how that vibrancy holds up on different papers. I've been stenciling, painting, etc with them on Canson cold press.

  9. what about some form of liquid acrylic (like silks), India inks (liquid or big brush markers). Just thoughts because I combine mediums and pigments all the time. Wish I could test with you. thanks as always for sharing.

  10. If I'm not too late to add products for you to test on WC papers, would you please include Twinkling H2Os? Thanks!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!