Friday, June 20, 2014

Creative Medium Image Transfer

Last week I told you a bit about Creative Medium by IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko.  I briefly touched on the fact that you could use the CM for image transfers but at that time I didn't have any photos to share with you.  Well, I have remedied that problem and can now share a bit more about it and show you what they look like.

Now the directions on the jar recommend that you use a toner based transfer to ensure the best results.  I think part of the deal with image transfers is you've got to know when to stop rubbing.  Some people just rub and rub and rub until they rub not only the backing paper but the image and sometimes the transfer medium as well.   

I decided that I've made hundreds of image transfers in the past that I'd give it a shot with ink jet images and it worked!   Initially I applied a nice thicker layer of Creative Medium over the entire image and then pressed it down onto my cardstock.  I lightly burnished the back of the image to ensure the entire image was making good contact with the CM and cardstock.  You don't want any air bubbles at all.  Any area of an image that isn't making good contact with the transfer medium or foundation you are transferring to won't transfer. There are times when that is a good thing - I've intentionally made distressed images for some projects but in general you want a nice even looking transfer.

Now that you have the image stuck down to the material you're transferring the image to the next most important thing to remember....  Let it dry COMPLETELY!!!  This is a must.  If you don't let your transfer medium completely dry you most likely won't have a successful image transfer.  You've got to let the paper fibers become embedded into the transfer medium - no two ways about it.  

Once it's dry you can wet the back of the image with some water - I usually add enough to where I can start to see the image through the back of the paper.  Then you gently begin rubbing the paper fibers - you will notice they roll up and come off easily.  If the paper looks dry or isn't coming up as easy as you think it should add more water.  

Continue until the image becomes fairly clear - you will have a bit of a milky appearance but that's o.k.  Let the image dry to see what it looks like.  If it's still mostly white then you'll need to re-wet and rub a bit more of the fibers off.  If the image is pretty good but still has a white haze I suggest you stop.  I've got a little trick to help clear your image up so you don't end up rubbing the image off.  Simply rub a nice even layer if Creative Medium over the entire image.  This layer of glue will soak into the remaining paper fibers and virtually make them disappear leaving behind a great looking transferred image!

Here's what I did with this image....

 NOTE: All images are from Altered Pages.

Now you don't have to just transfer an image onto paper.  This is a piece of Vertigo Film...a plastic/acetate type material.  But the cool thing is...this is a double transfer!!!  I transferred the image of the vintage bather on the pier initially.  After that transfer had dried I applied a second layer of Creative Medium over the image and placed it on a leftover piece of the Radiant Neon Chevron Rainbow paper I made.  After it had a chance to dry I peeled the chevron paper off the back of the ATC.  I then wet and rubbed off the excess paper fibers left over from the washi tape! 

The cool think is that the card is still translucent but you can see both of the image transfers!

I put a blank ATC card behind it so you could see the details.  
You may notice where the girl is there isn't any chevron stripes.  
I actually rubbed the stripes off this area so only the original transfer was left.

So there you go...
really fun
Creative Medium Image Transfers!


  1. Thanks for once again having excellent instructions. I just got in the mail my Creative Medium and can't wait to try this technique.

    I love the images that you used..They are perfect for this technique.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Roni ... you are amazing at explaining how to do things & give us inspiration. You rock girl !!! Thanks so much xxx

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