Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Christmas in June and July Give-A-Way #1

Hi Everyone!

Did you ever wonder why places had "Christmas in July" - I did...I mean half way is actually in June right?  Well, I did some checking around and it turns out it's just a sales ploy....  most retailers have a slump in sales during July so to stimulate sales they have Christmas in July sales.

I thought I'd have my own Christmas in June/July but I'm not selling anything, I'm giving it away!   
Woo Hooo!!  

I have several mini albums, projects, cards or products that I've accumulated over the past 6 months so I thought I'd celebrate Christmas early and shower you all with gifts!  

So here's how it's going to go...each day for the next week (minus tomorrow - more on that later) or so I'm going to be posting a Christmas trivia question.  

You'll have 3 days to post your answer (with a way to contact you) in the comments section - I will draw a gift winner from the correctly answered comments.  

That's it, 
that's all you have to do to be a possible winner!!

How easy is that???

Below are some of the goodies up for grabs....
Of course you won't know which gift will be yours!

this way and that album 009

CS - Spring Chorus Book 016

Your first Christmas Trivia Question is....

Who tells George that "every time a bell rings an Angel gets it's wings"?
Yes, this is a trick question - 
there are actually two correct answers and I'll accept either of them :)

You have until 6-27-14 to post your answer!
Good Luck Everyone!!

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Tomorrow is the Club Scrap Blog Hop! 
I hope you stop by...
I'll be giving that project away as well
and you don't even have to answer a trivia question!


  1. Such a great giveaway concept! My answer is:

  2. The daughter I think her name was Zuzu tells George that teacher said that every time a bell rings an angel gets its' wings. This is my favorite Christmas movie and of course I grew up watching it every year. I never get tired of watching it.

    I love your giveaway concept. Of course I am drooling over the paint and gel medium. ;-) Although I would appreciate anything if I'm a lucky winner.

    Can't wait to see your project for the Picnic Blog Hop. I know it will be awesome!


  3. Actually, it's his daughter who tells him that.

  4. Oh this is fun from a wonderful life = Zuzu Bailey tells George that her teacher told her :)

    thanks for the chance hugs Nikki
    elusionary60 at Hotmail.com

  5. What a fun thing Roni, thanks for summer fun! My answer is Clarence:)
    Thanks for making this give away, looking forward to seeing your next projects!
    blueroseblogger@gmail.com ~for anyone that wants to say HI:)

  6. Oh, fun giveaway!!!! I love all the prizes you have shown! I know his daughter, Zuzu, tells him that her teacher told them but I also think Clarence, his guardian angel told him too! Such an inspiring movie. :)

  7. What a wonderful give-a-way. You have done a lot of work again!
    The answer must be Clarence!

  8. Woohoo - what a fabulous giveaway! This is an easy one because it's my favourite movie of all time! Clarence the angel tells George this, but also at the end of the movie Zuzu tells him too. By this time in the movie, there are always tears streaming down my face - I cry every year - I so love that movie! Thank you for the chance to win one of your awesome prizes!

  9. Hi Roni! Would love to win one of your creations. Clarence the angel tells George about bells ringing and angels getting their wings. Have a great day!

  10. An Angel! A great giveaway = presents! th4eachday@comcast.net

  11. Zuzu and clarence the angel share the spotlight.Thankyou for your giveaways merry christmas for June and July!

  12. First Zuzu tells him that is what her teacher told her, but then Clarence confirms it when the cash register at the bar rings. Love the projects!!

  13. Clarence then Zuzu. BTW found this giveaway after I saw the Picnic Blog Hop. Your projects were AMAZING!

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  15. his daughter tells him because her teacher told her. I never could tell if her name was SuSu or ZuZu when they would say it in the movie.
    stamping sue


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