Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blending Sectrum Noir Colored Pencils

I am so excited...this past weekend I had my Sectrum Noir Colored Pencils out and played with them.  A LONG time ago I heard about a way to blend colored pencils using baby oil  but when I tried it at the time I obviously didn't have the correct type of colored pencils because all I did was end up making a mess.

Well I gave it a shot with the new pencils and it worked!  I started off by coloring my image with a few colors of green.  I didn't really take much time, just scribbled in the general area I wanted the colors to be.

I then wet a pointy q-tip with the baby oil

and began blending.  Basically just rubbing the colors together.

and what do you know....it turned out great!

The smaller pear is on Georgia Pacific cardstock and the larger pear is on Cougar cardstock.  I've never used the Cougar cs before but WOW, it's great stuff.  I'll be able to tell you more about that soon.

So I can now say that I have tried the baby oil trick and it works great :)


  1. Looks good. I don't have the pencils but when I do I will remember ( I hope) :-)

  2. I do this same technique with my Prismacolor Premier pencils, using odorless mineral spirits and a blending stump. I love how it works!


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