Friday, May 30, 2014

Goosebumps "Inky-Rain" Technique

The entire month of June Altered Pages DT will be featuring products from IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko.  I'm pretty excited because I've used and loved their products for quite some time.  I was thrilled to see all of the wonderful goodies they sent to us to play with and incorporate into our art.

Of course I started to play immediately and I stumbled upon this by accident...a happy accident.  You all know how I like to experiment ~ well I was just playing one day and by chance I mixed a rainbow ink pad and Goosebumps Texture Spray and made "Inky-Rain"!

Check it out.....

I started off with a Kaleidacolor ink pad - this one happens to be I've had in my stash a while.

This has nothing to do with the technique but this pad is wicked cool...there is a little slider that holds the ink pads apart when not in use...

Slide the mechanism and the ink pads move together ready to use!  I love that ~ it keeps the inks from migrating into each other.  Let me tell you it's a inkpad saver ~ I have had several multi-color ink pads turn into mud over time because the inks gradually mix and get yucky.

O.k....back to the technique.  Now that the inks are together ink up your brayer and roll it onto your paper.

TIP: Don't leave a rubber band on a soft roller for an extended period of'll see why below....

See what I mean...even when you remove the rubber band the impression stays behind <slapping my forehead!!!>     O.k...I had to add more ink to help cover my messed up brayer.

Next I took my Goosebumps Texture Spray (while the inks were still wet) and sprayed the heck out of it.

Let it set for about 10 seconds or so to soak into the ink.

Then tilt the paper on it's side...tap it against your work surface if you're impatient (like me) or you want more "Inky-Rain" to fall.

 I love how this looks...
I had to let it dry so I still need to make a card with it but it's a good start :)

Don't ya love it when you stumble upon something fun like that?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Very cool! What a great background! Can you tell us more about Goosebumps?

  2. It's like I always say....there are no mistakes in stamping just happy accidents! I've seen goosebumps demo-ed briefly at a convention but wasn't impressed but you have me interested now.
    stamping sue

  3. Can't wait to see what you make from your inky rain piece. I too would like more info about goosebumps. What is it suppose to do?

    I bought some stamps at a yard sale and a couple of those inkpads were included. I love using them. Thanks for the tip about the rubber band. That is good to know.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Looks like you are having fun!!!! LOVE the GOOSEBUMPS!


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