Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gelli Plate Prints

Several people who are not familiar with monoprinting have asked to see what the gelli prints/monoprints look like and have also asked what do you do with them once you've made them.  So here you I am going to share several prints and then tomorrow I'll show some projects using the prints and the tools I used to make them.

I used the Grunge Layers technique for this print paired with several of the die-cut foam stamps I made.

I used the Fantastix from Tsukineko for the design in the background for this print.

This was a Side B print that I added several layers to.  Lots and lots of stuff used here...foam stamps, Die-cut foam stamps, stencils, and I'm sure more - LOL!!

Paper doilies used here....

Stencils & paint left over from stencils.

Embossed cardboard texture plates

Grunge Layers technique paired with masks & stencils.

Several layers of stencils and foam stamps going on here...

Grunge Layers Technique and Fun Foam edgers to create the design.

Gunge Layers paired with a few stencils and some foam stamps.

Silicone barbecue brush used to create the design in a couple different colors of paint.

This print was made by pulling up paint over stencils...

and this is the print that was made after removing the stencils from the plate in the print above.  I thought it would be fun to show both together.  For some reason these two prints remind me of the sea...

So there you can get a better idea of just some of the fun art you can create using this fun printing process.  Remember, tomorrow I'll be back with some project ideas on how to incorporate the prints into your cards, tags and more!

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