Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Updates - Swap, Watercolor Paper Comparison, Gelli Plate & more!

Lots going on so I thought I'd give you all an update....

First off on the ATC Swap - I have rec'd all of the envies save one which may be MIA somewhere in the postal system.  The package was tracked entering the system but then there hasn't been any additional information on it...  They are looking and hopefully we'll hear back soon.  After that I will begin sorting - YEAH!!!  I still haven't opened the packages so it's going to be like Christmas opening them all up at once :)

Next I wanted to update you on the watercolor paper comparison.  I ordered a boat load of watercolor papers...way more than I should have actually.  I think I have like 25 different types ~ I went kind of bonkers at Dick Blicks  ~ far too many to choose from - LOL!!  Anyway, I have one more type coming (from Ranger) but it's held up waiting for the Dina Wakley paints to ship.  As soon as I get it I will begin working on comparing them with each other.  I probably won't compare all of them but it will be a nice variety.  I can't wait to see how it shakes out.

Gelli Plate - from all the comments and e-mails it looks like lots of you want to see what it's all about.  Most people have been asking for the basics because they don't have one and are considering it or they haven't opened it since they bought it.  I can and will do that!  I'm thinkin' in the next couple weeks (depending on the ATC swap).

I have a fun project I'm going to start (prob. tomorrow) that would make a neat Mother's Day gift that I think you'll like...rubber stamping, paints, inks, ephemera and more!   If you want to play along you'll need a sturdy foundation and if desired several photos printed 2" square.  There will be room for 9 photos but you don't have to fill all 9 with photos, collage images, ephemera or other bits can be used just as well.

I'll be posting the winner of the rubber band crafts in a few and I'll be posting a fun technique using Alcohol Inks and a paper stencil later this afternoon.  I got a great new die that I've been waiting to use for this technique for a while now, I just had to save up the $'s to get that I finally have it in my hot little hands I can't wait to share it with you!

So that's the latest...

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