Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stenciled Alcohol Inks Technique

Today I have a fun Alcohol Ink technique to share with you.  I've been waiting a while to share this but I had to save up enough money to get a very special die I wanted to try with it... Spellbinders Fancy Lattice ~ it looks Moroccan to me but they can call it whatever they like...I LOVE it!

Why this pattern?  Well, I was shopping about 2 months ago and I saw a shower curtain that I LOVED ~ it had such a beautiful pattern on it I just had to try to reproduce it.  Of course I could have used any die but ya know when you get an idea in your head anything else just won't satisfy.  So, I finally got the die and we're all set to go!
Stenciled Alcohol Inks

NOTE: I am using a paper stencil from a die-cut for this technique but you of course could use a plastic stencil as well.  I just got this idea in my head and had to give it a try.  


Alcohol Inks
Die or Stencil 
Glossy Cardstock
Felts & Ink Applicator


1. Cut your paper stencil from a favorite die or you could always use a plastic stencil as well.  

2. Ink up your glossy cardstock using any combination of alcohol inks you're heart desires...

3. Cover your cardstock with the stencil.

4. Apply your choice of Snow Cap; Metal Mixative or darker color of AI over the stencil and inked cardstock.  I am using Snow Cap for this example...

Remove the stencil to see what you've got!
This is exactly what I had in mind when I thought of this...
The shower curtain was very similar in color and the pattern matches perfectly!
I just love it...well worth the wait :)

I tried the same technique with a variety of color combos...all using the same pattern.  You don't have to use the all over pattern idea as I did in the first example.  For the red one I just dabbed the Cranberry AI in the corners...

I tried a few more combinations and I love them all. I did use the same paper stencil for all of the examples.  The alcohol ink soaks into the paper but evaporates quickly so no worries about transferring colors or anything.  The paper never got saturated enough to do it any damage so I think you could use the same paper stencil over and over without having to switch it up.

Now it's your turn!
Pull out your favorite stencil or die and set to work!


  1. Great idea and it makes a stunning background!

  2. Love this tech and shall try it out, what fun!

  3. I tried this today, turned out great....was working on atc's, but plan on using it on larger pieces. Thanks so much.

  4. This this is one I will have to try.


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