Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blended Stamping -Background Stamps

Quite frequently I get requests for new ways to use large background stamps. 
Yes, you can ink them up and stamp with them but sometimes you want to do a bit more.

Well, today I have a fun twist on stamping with those big stamps...
Blended Stamping!!


Large Background Stamp
Distress Stain or Ink Pad (in 2 or more colors)


1. Dab on two or more colors of ink onto your background stamp...for this example I am using 3 different colors.  If you don't have Distress Stains you can ink the stamp directly from the pad or use a sponge to transfer the ink from the pad to the stamp.

2. (Optional) If desired, once you have the stamp covered with the desired colors of ink use your fingertip to blend the inks where the inks meet.   Sometimes if you're using different colors this step helps create a natural flow.

3.  Stamp the background stamp onto your cardstock. 

And here's what I did with it...

You can see in this photo where the inks met and blended a bit...
makes for a really cool transition.

For this example I used 5 different colors of Distress Stains in pink/red.
You can see where some of the inks were heavier than others.  
I actually had enough inks left on the stamp to stamp it off on a tag as well.

At first I was going to re-stamp this example when I saw where the excess ink bled into another stripe but the more I looked at it the more I liked it so I went ahead and used it. So don't worry if your stamping isn't perfect.  It just adds character to the finished project.

Stamp Credits: Deep Red Stamps

Now it's your turn....
Go Get Your Ink On!!!

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  1. I find my stains bead up and don't print as nicely as this. I will try again...


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