Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brrrrrrr - Never Ending Winter Cards

I hope you're all trying to stay warm ~
It is currently a whole -7 here right now...up from a morning low of -17.  That's the actual temp...it's somewhere around -25 to -30 with the windchill.  They said on the news this a.m. that today is going to be one of the top 10 coldest days on record for Indiana since they started keeping track of it back in the late 1800's!!!!  Nice to know but not such a fun thing to shoot for!

Since we're in the deep freeze rather than trying to fight it I figured I might as well embrace it... so, here are a couple wintery cards to cheer you...

The first card has a modern feel to it with the pale, almost pastel color scheme...

But this card I went for the glitz and glam by using "Snowflake" embossing powder.  
Very appropriate don't you think :)

All of the stamps are from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps. 

Hope you're keeping warm!
Remember that tomorrow is the Club Scrap Blog Hop
featuring this months kit - Graffiti!
See you then!


  1. Same here in Chicago, Roni. We're at minus 7 actual temperature. Our office stayed open (we're NOT happy about that!) so I had to venture out in it this morning. When the wind came up, i was glad I'm in five layers of clothes! Loved these cards. Perfect for today!


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