Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Technique Calendar - January - Faux White Glue Embossing

2014 Technique Calendar 
Faux Embossing w/ White Glue

January's technique is a really fun inexpensive alternative to embossing. 
You simply replace white glue with embossing inks, powders, heat tool, heck, even stamps if you want with plain old white glue.
White Glue (whatever you have on hand)
Acrylic Paint (2-3 colors)
Embellishments (if desired)

As far as glue goes you can use any white glue you have on hand.  I thought I had some Elmers left but I couldn't find it so I'm thinkin' I must have used the last of it up on a project before Christmas.  I had a bottle of Aleene's Tacky Glue which works just as well.  Really...the whole point is to use whatever you've got in your stash.
14 Tech Cal - January 001

1. There are a couple ways you can go about your faux embossing.  You could if you choose stamp an image using clear embossing ink or a resist type ink.  This will leave an image for you to "trace" with your white glue.
You could simply free-hand desired images with the glue.  This is what I choose to do.  Since this is for January I wanted to make snowflakes (big surprise huh?...after all the snow I'm seeing snowflakes everywhere -LOL!!).

14 Tech Cal - January 003
2. Now comes the hard part...let the glue dry completely.  O.k... I had to cheat a bit.  Mine isn't completely dry but it's been sitting for hours now and I needed to get this posted so let's pretend it's all dry ;)

14 Tech Cal - January 004
3. Next you'll need 2-3 colors of acrylic paint.  I am using metallic silver, blue an white Distress Paints.   Cover the entire tag with your base coat of paint ~ silver in my case.

14 Tech Cal - January 006

Here is my tag all painted & drying...
14 Tech Cal - January 007

4. Once your initial layer of paint has dried, rub your second color of acrylic paint over the first using a sponge or paper special attention to the cracks and crevices among your images. 

TIP: I usually use a light and dark paint for these two I used the light color (silver) with a darker blue over top.  You want the contrast between the two.

You don't want a solid layer of color...just mostly a dry brushed type appearance.

14 Tech Cal - January 008
You can see in this photo how the darker paint really made the faux embossed images pop right off the tag.

14 Tech Cal - January 009

5.  Optional - If desired you can add another dimension to the embossed images by rubbing a third color of paint on the images with your fingertip.

14 Tech Cal - January 011
6. Finish off your tag as desired.  I have in the past used stamped images, collage images, die-cuts, flowers, etc. to embellish my calendar pages.  This year I decided to use a stamped person for each month.  I'm going to try for mostly vintage style people.  I *hope* I have enough for each month but it may be an opportunity to purchase a new stamp or two - LOL!!

And here's my finished January calendar tag...

14 Tech Cal - January 015
(Stamp Credit: Deep Red Stamps Vintage Skating Girl)

a better view of the dimension achieved with the white glue...

14 Tech Cal - January 016

Now it's your turn!


  1. What a wonderful looking tag. Thanks for the great step by step instructions.

  2. Very cool idea and a great inspiration. I've got some of these little calendar with the christmas mail and now i know what to do with it. (:o)

  3. I love this tecnique! I know that you have been hit hard by the recent weather, and the first thing that came to mind, was your tenacity to craft with what you had on hand no matter the circumstances. I know that many of us have emergency kits for our home and car, but I think Roni that you need to create a video on what we need in an emergency craft kit. The last thing that our Nation needs is a bunch of cranky crafters who run out of supplies should they find themselves stuck inside due to a weather event like the one that many parts of our Country continues to face. We just can't stop that creativity train from rolling on to the next big idea! You are the best!!!

  4. Such fun. Love the glue and your tag calendar is a fab idea

  5. Oh your tag is so beautiful! I love the pretty vintage skater.


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