Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stamping on Textured Cardstock - Tips & Tricks

Normally I always stamp on my Georgia Pacific Cardstock or some other smooth cardstock but I was cleaning out my paper stash the other day and came upon some white cardstock that had a bunch of lines as it's texture.  I don't remember where it came from or what I used the original piece for but the lines were very prominent so I thought it might be fun to experiment with it.
It wasn't a really huge piece but large enough that I cut it up into a couple small pieces leaving a section about 4" square that I could use for my card.
I tried stamping various images and finally found a combination that worked great and produced a neat usable image.  I found after several experiments that my Distress Markers (or other dye based markers for that matter) colored directly on a stamp that has some bold areas (like the snowflake border and penguin) yields a great image.   
How I did it - I started off by coloring each area of the image with the desired color of marker.  When I was ready to stamp I huffed (breathed warm air) onto the image to revive the dry ink.  I immediately stamped the image onto the paper using light pressure and it worked!
NOTE: You MUST use a light touch when you stamp on textured paper or the ink will find it's way into the tiny lines.  It took me a couple tries before I figured it out...you can see that I still had some areas where I pressed too hard (in the red postmark and part of the green postmark).  I think that's where my thumb & forefingers rested on my stamping block.
Results - When you use the right combination of ink and pressure you end up with a wicked textured looking image.    Since this worked so well I'm going to sort through some of my other textured cardstock to see what other fun designs I can find.

And here's the finished card....

Stamp Credits: All images Just For Fun Rubber Stamps

So, if you've never stamped on textured cardstock,
give it a try...you might be surprised at the cool results you get!

Happy Inking!!

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  1. Really lovely. That penguin is fab. Thanks for the tip. I was stamping with distress yesterday and it bled. Maybe I'll go a bit lighter next time


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