Monday, December 9, 2013

Frosty Winter Wonderland Tag - Blended Distress Paints

Today I thought we'd play around a bit with some Distress Paints.
I had several left over poinsettia die-cuts from the plaque I made the other day and I have some beautiful new blue ribbon so I thought it would be fun to take those, the paint and throw in some stamped snowflakes to see what I could come up with!

Prepare the paints by shaking them up ahead of time so they are ready to go. 
You'll want to work quickly so you can blend the paints as you go.

First I applied Antique Linen to the tag in streaks, next I added a second streaky layer of Chipped Sapphire. For the final coat I applied Brushed Pewter which I blended with the two previous colors.

I ended up with a lovely glowing winter scape of colors.
The paints dry very quickly but I gave it a shot with my heat tool to speed things up a bit.

Next I stamped several snowflakes using Archival Inks in shades of blue.

Next I added a few more snowflakes by stamping with Picket Fence Distress Stain.

Once all the snowflakes were dry I sanded the edge to allow for a bit of ink around the edges.

I used Sepia ink but you of course could use your favorite color.

I had this piece of cardboard left over from another project so I inked the edges and swiped it across the top once or twice to tone the white paint down a bit.

I stapled the cardboard to the tag crossing the staples as I went.

I added dimension to the poinsettia die-cuts by drawing on the back of them on my foam pad...

You can see how dimensional it makes them...

I used snowflake brads to secure all of the layers together then toned them all down with a bit of ink.

I inked up a few choice words..

And added it all to the tag!

And there you go!
Do you have snow where you're located?
We got a bit over night so everything was fresh and sparklie this a.m.


  1. Gorgeous! oh yes, we have snow and it's extremely cold here. Going to be below zero for the high's the next couple of days with frostbite warnings out for ost of the state. Yuck!

  2. Beautiful!!! Western Montana got the first of this Arctic Blast that blew in last Thursday. With several days of minus zero temps and wind chills we have a frozen water pump. Not fun!! Last night it started snowing but it is warming up a little!!! VERY LITTLE! But I'll take whatever I can at this point!

    Hope you stay warm!!!

  3. Beautiful tag! I love inspiration from "leftovers," cooking or crafting. Chicago has about an inch of snow, a little more just a while ago. Snow is not bothering us --it's the cold. this morning when I left the house it was 2 degrees!

  4. That is GORGEOUS! The ribbon color alone is enough to inspire me! Love the poinsettias and the colors of your tag. Thanx so much for sharing and for all of the inspiration :)


  5. I have to agree with Addie because I also love fabulous left over creations! Of course Roni, while others are tucked in tight for the night, you look at your left overs in the wee hours and find inspiration to share...what a gal! This tag is so beautiful and I now realize that I better rescue the cardboard box that I just tossed into the recycle bin so that I can replicate some of your cardboard magic. Not only are you making this world a bit more beautiful by posting your magical creations, but you continue to make the ordinary ever so extraordinary!
    Also, thank you for giving your Blog Family a chance to support each other with the feature that allows us to reply not only to you, but to each fun!
    Also, I personally want to extend a formal apology to everyone in the country battling the Arctic freeze that has been sent your way should you hear anyone on the news from Southern California complaining about our "cold snap". Yes, we had temps that fell below 60* and our night time temps did dip into the 30's, but our temps should never be compared to those across the U.S. Now, our mountain temps did slip into the teens, but that is of course normal for our mountains. As a former New Yorker who was transplanted by my family to the sunshine state when I was just a child, I am the first to admit that I have become a weather whimp. I dream of a white Christmas, but most years I am happy to just get a wet Christmas. My prayers are that everyone stays safe no matter where you are in the country. Thankfully, we all have Roni and the magic of her blog and her Etsy store to keep us busy, inspired and able to shop hassle free with a cup of cocoa in our is good!

  6. I absolutely love your blog and ideas. Your directions and photos make it easy to follow. Thanks so much!! No snow here in Sun City West, AZ but we are returning to Lakeville, MN (south-metro Mpls,) to visit our kids and grandkids for a week, so we'll be seeing lots of snow and cold weather. THen gleefully, but with some reluctance, head back to AZ for warm weather.


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