Friday, September 27, 2013

Technical Difficulties Taken Care Of

Yesterday seemed to be the day for technical difficulties here on the blog...
First, I apologize to anyone who tried to comment but had an issue with the Google + deal.  Someone suggested I turn it on because it made things so much easier...  Little did I know that in doing so it would REQUIRE you to have a google+ account! 

Now I know that's a selling point for Google but I'll tell you what, I don't want to require you to do anything.  It's ridiculous so I tried to turn it off numerous times and kept hitting road blocks. 
Sadly when I finally did get it turned off it wiped out several comments.  I'm sorry to those folks...I appreciate your taking time to comment but I don't know how to fix it.  They make this stuff so blinkin' complicated.
For anyone who visited the site yesterday and got a strange message about sitemeter - it's gone too!  Apparently most people who use sitemeter had the same issue and got the same question so while it wasn't just me there is no quick fix so I just deleted it.  After trying all sorts of things to make it stop I figured that was the easiest and best solution to the problem.   

I don't have a visible visit meter now but at least blogger keeps track of it as well. 
I hate it when these places offer nifty ways to be connected, network, and spread the word and all but dang it sucks when they don't keep track of or fix problems on a timely basis.  That's why I dropped the Rubber Stamping Top 50 gadget kept showing up as a malicious spyware or something or other. 
Anyway, problems taken care of...
for now
<knock on wood>
everything seems to be back to normal! 


  1. I too had issues with G+ and comments. There is no way to get back the comments that are now gone...I found that out the hard way too. I am having issues with my side bar images at the moment that are too big for the bar, but were always fine before...I see other blogs are having the same issue...wish they would leave things that aint broke well alone! Glad you are back to normal.

  2. Wasn't here yesterday so missed your glitches. Glad you don't got google +. I positively refuse to subscribe, sign up or join any other group, site, social media or banana boat. Gosh, how many passwords do I have already!!! I just don't comment if it requires another login. I am even starting to dislike captcha. Do you know if you go on for instance an asian or russian site the captcha sometimes comes up in symbols!! Yeah, like I recognise that!! Just moderate guys. It's sad but I know people are missing out on comments. They are my sunshine. Would hate to miss any. It seems there is a new social media site everyday. How do people get the time to learn all this. Sometimes I feel like I have beamed onto another planet. I'm not that old!! Gosh, hope you don't mind me venting. The long and the short of it is I agree with you and am so glad I can type this and just hit publish and that's an end to it. Hugs Roni. Have a great day

  3. Was going to talk to Belinda Basson but she's on Google + and I don't navigate there. I had this problem when putting images in my sidebar and noticed that the shrink to fit box, which was always checked before, wasn't anymore. Just make sure the little tick is there. It worked for me. Hope you don't mind me scribbling replies here Roni. Hugs

  4. Welcome back... ;)... good to see you!


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