Monday, July 1, 2013

Steampunk Spells - Embellishments

I am so excited, I have finished the
Steampunk Spells This Way and That Album!!!

I think it really turned out cool and I can't wait to share it with you.  This weekend I made lots of little extras to help make the album special.  Most of the extras are stamped bits I colored or pieces I have enhanced that started off as papers from the Steampunk Spells line of papers.

Steampunk Spells Embellishments

To start off with, SS has lots of cool stamps.  For one of the pages in the book I stamped the clock image twice, once on a cream colored cardstock and once on white.  With a bit of creative cutting, a bit of metallic inks and Crystal Lacquer I made a nifty Steampunk clock.

SS Album 022

SS Album 023

There is a piece of paper in the SS Collection that is "Steampunk Spells Cards".  I cut the cards apart , inked them up and made up my own "Spells", printed them out and added them to the backs of each card. 

I do have to say it's a bit scary what you can find on line....  I did a bit of searching for "fake spells" to just add to my cards but there are tons of sights with the real deal!!  I didn't want to really turn anyone into a frog or anything so I just made some up.

I tucked these finished tags into the pocket flaps I sewed onto a couple of the pages.

T n T SS Album 008

T n T SS Album 009

There is another sheet of paper in the SS Collection that has larger postcard type pieces (6 on the page).  These are double sided, one side has a greeting or image and the other side has areas to add notes or journaling.  One of these postcards looks like a book.  I had this great idea to create a real book with a little creative cutting, a bit of cardstock and some lined paper.

Initially I cut the entire book from the postcard.  I then cut the binding away from the front of the book.  I glued the binding down to my page but first adhered a length of ribbon to the page.  I will use this to later tie the book shut.

T n T SS Album 011

I tore several sheets out of a vintage journal, cut it down to size then stapled them together.  I used some Steampunk washi tape to cover the staples.    I then cut a sheet of black cardstock down to size, folded, mounted the pages inside and the book cover on the front.

T n T SS Album 013

here's what my "book" looks like...

T n T SS Album 012

I then mounted it strategically over the binding and ribbon so it looked like the real cover to the book.  It's amazing how cool it looks in person ~ very dimensional.

T n T SS Album 014

I had a set of "poison" labels from Alpha Stamps that I thought would fit in perfect with the whole Spells/Potions theme of the book.  I stamped them out in a variety of colors, colored or inked them and cut them out.  I also stamped out some bottles from Graphic 45 Curiosity Shoppe line that I embellished and added to the mix as well...

T n T SS Album 015

Here is one of the bottles along with another little book I made....   The bottle is very dimensional.  I stamped & colored the bottle then covered it with Crystal Lacquer.  When it was dry I stamped the label and glued it down then I wrapped a piece of pattern tissue paper around the cork area and tied on a strip of cotton fabric.  It's mounted to the page with double stick foam tape to give it a lift off the page.

You can see the clock I made (above) in the background as well.

T n T SS Album 033
A few more Bottles I made....

T n T SS Album 029
T n T SS Album 026
I'm going to post the finished album separately because there are lots of sure to check it out!


  1. Wow!! Every single piece you've created is so beautiful and unique. Your attention to detail is amazing! I think you've just turned me on to steampunk!

  2. where can you buy the SS Collection that is "Steampunk Spells Cards" ?
    you have intrigued me with this. I love Halloween


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