Monday, July 15, 2013

Magazines to go Digital Only....

I wasn't surprised to read that Northridge Publishing is going to shift their magazines to all digital starting with their August 2013 issues.  They are the folks who put out Cards, Scrapbook Trends, Cricut Magazine, Cricut Magazine Idea Books, Create: Idea Books, Signature Series, and Creative Retailer. 

They also publish Bead Trends and Simply Handmade, which sadly are going away.  I really liked Bead Trends...while I'm not a beader per say I got lots of inspiration from that magazine by taking bits and pieces I liked and turning them into my style.

You can read the full article about this transition on Scrapbook Update.

I think with the sky rocketing price of printing and mailing you'll see more and more of this.  I suppose it's my age (45) showing but I'm not a fan of digital magazines or even books for that matter.  I'm a tactile person, I like to have a book in my hands or a magazine I can make notations on, dog ear the pages and well, you get the picture.  Also, I don't want to have to rely on an energy company for my reading enjoyment.

I don't want to have to drag around an electronic device that I have to worry about charging, leaving behind, spilling something on, dropping, being stolen, etc.  If I forget where I set down a 4.99 book or magazine it's no big deal...if I forget where I put an ipad, lap-top, phone or reader we're talking about some serious $'s.  

I had planned on tearing up my magazines...keeping the pages/articles I liked and tossing the rest but I guess I'll just keep them now.  Shoot, they might be an antique before too long....just like me - LOL!!

Oh well...can't go back now.


  1. I'm sorry Roni but I'm fairly certain you have to be 50 to be an antique. LOL. I'm with you on the real books. There are going to be a lot more people needing glasses if we all have to squint at screens all day. And what about taking a book to read in the bath! Danger that your pleasant past time might fry you. Doesn't bear thinking about. Books used to be expensive cos they were rare. Looks like they may be again. Is that progress?

  2. yikes...I'll be 50 later this (sniffle). I'm with you on the paper magazines. My mother still has some of her craft magazines from the 1970's and she still uses patterns from them to make some of her crafts. Northridge puts out quite a few magazines that I like---the paper copy of!! Cheers!!

  3. I agree with you..that is, I much prefer holding the actual book or magazine. Our daughter is about to enter Grad School for a Masters in Publishing--I hope the whole industry doesn't fall apart before she has a chance to start, LOL!

  4. Sad news for sure. I'm forced to read the digital only cause I am unable to hang onto a physical book/mag now a days. :( Oh and to be considered antique you/it had to be 75 yrs but guess the antique brokers wanted more to sell so the age was dropped to 50 yrs. p.s. love your blog and all the interesting bits you share!

  5. It's not that I'm unable to accept the fact that digital is here to stay it's just that I don't like it! IMHO, it takes away the fun of reading. I'm with everyone else here that I like the real thing!!!

    The future doesn't look as bright as it used to!


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