Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Way and That - Multi Flap Mini Album Base Instructions

Several folks have been asking for the instructions for the mini book/album I made for
The finished size of my album is 6.5 x 8" 
You can of course make it larger or smaller but you'll have to do the math for that...
I'm sticking with this size - LOL!!
CS - Spring Chorus Book 019
I won't lie, I've been putting this off because there are so many cuts, folds and flaps to this book that the measuring and cutting takes a while. 
You also have to embellish the pages prior to assembly so it's a bit time consuming...  
I'm going to break this down into small bits so you can gather, cut and fold along with me. 
This Way & That Base Album Cutting Instructions:
You will need to determine what colors you want to use for your base.  I usually use a single color for the outside, white pages (that I can alter) for the center and either the same color of cardstock or pattern paper for the inner most flaps.  I am going to be making my book using Graphic 45's new Steampunk Spells (whoo hoo!) pattern paper/stamps so I'm going with black and white for my album base.
The base for this book takes 7 sheets of cardstock alone. 
You will need several additional sheets of cardstock or pattern paper
if you're going embellish it like mine.
You will need to cut and score the base cardstock as follows:
Cut one sheet of cardstock 12" x 8"
Score as follows:  2.25"; 2.75"; 9.25"; 9.75"
This sheet of cardstock will become the back cover ~
the flaps on each side will be what you attach the front cover and second flap to.
Cut one sheet 6.5 x 8"
Cut one sheet 6.25" x 8"
The first is the front cover the second sheet is the 2nd flap.
Cut 3 sheets of cardstock exactly the same -
(3) - 12 x 7.75"
Score each sheet at 3" & 9"
These are the inner pages and will need to be decorated/embellished prior to assembly.
Cut 2 sheets of cardstock 5.5" x 9.5"
Score both sheets of cardstock at 2"
so you end up with a sheet of cardstock that is 2" + 7.5" total.
Now, much of this book will need to be decorated/embellished/altered prior to assembly because of the way it all fits together. 
We'll start that process tomorrow.

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