Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Opaque StazOn & Black Cardstock

Today I wanted to share another fun use for Tsukineko's Opaque StazOn inks... 


So many people think that black cardstock is only for mats but I tell you what ~ it's great for stamping on when you're using the Opaque StazOn inks!

Check it out....


Opaque StazOn - Tsukineko
Ink Blushers - Tsukineko
Mini Squeegee - Tsukineko
Rubber Stamps - StampersBest / Deep Red Stamps
Black Cardstock (I'm using Tags)

Opaque StazOn - Black Tags 001


1. The first thing I did was test my ink pad by pouncing it over my rubber stamp.  The stamp wasn't inking evenly so I added a bit more ink to the pad using a mini squeegee. 

2. I then inked up my leafy background stamp.

Opaque StazOn - Black Tags 002

3.  I stamped the bottom half of the tag. 

Opaque StazOn - Black Tags 003

4.  I then took a minute and cleaned the StazOn ink off of the rubber stamp so it wouldn't stain it using Tsukineko's StazOn ink cleaner.

5. Next I dabbed ink on a small portion of a second background stamp.

Opaque StazOn - Black Tags 006

6.  I covered the leaves that had already been stamped along the bottom and proceeded to stamp about 3/4" - 1" band above the leaves to make a stamped border and this tag is ready to be used!

Opaque StazOn - Black Tags 007

Here are a few more ideas...

The one on the left was stamped with the swirly background; I then inked along the edges using an Ink Blusher and the Soft Lilac Opaque StazOn.  After that had a chance to dry I added some nifty flourishes using Mellow Mint.

The tag on the right was stamped multiple times using a flower background stamp and Pink Blush Opaque StazOn.

Opaque StazOn - Black Tags 009
Of course you don't have to use black cardstock, you could use any darker colored cardstock in your stash.  I just think that the inks are very striking on black.  The contrast really makes the inks pop!


  1. Wow, I always wondered about these. Wonder no more Roni is on the case. An excellent tutorial and examples. Some more for the wish list.....

  2. bought in the white for my store, glad to see it works so well. Thanks for the step outs.

  3. I have a few opaque pads that I am not using as much as I thought I would. Thanks Roni for the inspiration...I am going to give this a try.

  4. WOW!Beautiful ,going to give this a try!!!

  5. The only opaque StazOn I've ever used is the Cotton White but I never tried it on black cardstock..just acrylic. I need to do this though because the effect is amazing!


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